Lake and Bake 710 2016

Despite obtaining the proper permits, much planning, and a lot of money and time spent, the DFW NORML Lake and Bake event was shut down today by the Grapevine Parks & Recreation Department.


The following is a list of all known marijuana related events happening in Texas for the month of July 2016.

NORML Corpus Christi Booth

A petition to put marijuana ordinance reform on the ballot in Corpus Christi has fallen short of its signature goal.

Mark Miller, Texas Railroad Commissioner candidate

The biggest election in Texas this year is one you probably haven’t heard of; the Texas Railroad Commission, a state agency that does not regulate railroads.

Over 300 people showed up to the Texas state capitol to lobby for marijuana law reform earlier this year.

When you think of the word community, what does it mean to you? Do images of folks helping folks during a time of crisis or disaster come to mind? What about a big picnic where everyone contributes something to the meal to share with others? Or how about a gathering


The following is a list of all known marijuana related events happening in Texas for the month of June 2016.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (Left) Rep. Bryan Hughes (Right)

The Republican representative who introduced a full marijuana legalization bill in the Texas House has lost his bid for state senate in a run-off election.

Whitewright, Texas

Several city workers in the town of Whitewright, TX have resigned and they’re blaming their mayor’s stance on marijuana, however that may not be the whole story.

Deputy B.A. Collier Harris County Sheriff's Office

I was walking out of the Fry’s Electronics on the North Freeway in Harris County on a Friday afternoon when I noticed someone near my vehicle. I assumed it was some fans taking selfies. People often approach me and ask to take a photo or a selfie of the Houston

Republican Party of Texas State Convention Committee Meeting 2016

The Republican Party of Texas took a small step towards showing support for medical marijuana in the Lone Star State.

Jeremiah Looney, an Army veteran and open supporter of cannabis, has won his election for mayor in Whitewright, Texas.

As Jeremiah Looney spoke at a marijuana march in Fort Worth earlier this month, he felt confident that later in the evening the election results for his mayoral campaign would come back positive. He is now mayor of Whitewright, Texas.

Texans rallying on the Tarrant County Courthouse steps during the 2016 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth.

Around 1,600 people took part in the Global Marijuana March throughout 7 cities, a sharp downturn from 2015.

About 800 marched through downtown Fort Worth for the 2016 Global Marijuana March.

An eclectic group of people turned out for the Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth this weekend, and as usual, there were gratuitous amounts of cannabis consumed.

A scene from 2015 in Fort Worth as thousands marched through downtown in support of changing marijuana laws in Texas.

The Global Marijuana March returns to Fort Worth this month with a lineup of speakers, bands, and a rally at the Tarrant County Courthouse.