(Video) CW33 Interviews DFW NORML about the 2014 Global Marijuana March

DFW NORML was interviewed today by Nightcap News CW33 in front of their newly erected billboard on I-20 about marijuana legalization in Texas and the upcoming march on May 3. Continue reading

Female Texas cannabis activists take part in Waco panel discussion

Womens Panel Waco

Elizabeth Hill-Rodriguez, Sheena Marie Roberts, Nishi Whiteley, and Karli Duran participated in an all women panel discussion during the NORML of Waco meeting. Photo by Alan Caruthers.

Four Texas women met in Waco to participate in a panel to share their personal and political stories concerning their involvement in the cannabis movement. Continue reading

President Obama commutes Texas man’s pot sentence

obama picPresident Barack Obama has shortened a Texas man’s prison sentence by three-and-a-half years after attorneys discovered a sentencing error. Continue reading

Libertarian Party of Texas nominates cannabis friendly candidates

LPT Convention

This past weekend the Libertarian Party of Texas held their state convention to nominate state-wide candidates. Staff with the Texas Cannabis Report was on hand to not only cover, but also participate in the convention itself.

Support for cannabis legalization has always been strong in the Libertarian Party and this year it was unmistakeable. Continue reading

Texas man hit with fine after leaving weed in Colorado hotel room

No good deed goes unpunished they say, and in the case of a Texan vacationing in Colorado, he was initially punished to the tune of $200. Continue reading

Cannabis vending machine unveiled in Colorado

An automated pot-selling machine was unveiled at an event held at an Avon, Colo., restaurant Saturday, promising a potential new era of selling marijuana and pot-infused snacks from vending machines directly to customers.

Its creators say the machine, called the ZaZZZ, uses biometrics to verify a customer’s age. The machine is climate-controlled to keep its product fresh. Read more

Regulatory and disclosure issues cause anxiety in cannabis stocks

The Marijuana Index™ moved slightly lower last week amid a sell-off in the broader indices and concerns about compliance among pot stocks. Just as Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc. resumed trading, GrowLife Inc. was halted amid concerns about its disclosures and stock sales. The series of regulatory halts has led to significant anxiety among cannabis investors. Read more

Texas school board member caught with 1,200 pounds of pot

progresoA Progreso school board member is facing charges after state troopers found over 1,200 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. Continue reading

University of Texas at Dallas partners for $500,000 study on marijuana effects

Dr. Francesca Filbey, director of cognitive neuroscience research of addictive behaviors at the Center for BrainHealth.

Dr. Francesca Filbey, director of cognitive neuroscience research of addictive behaviors at the Center for BrainHealth.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has awarded a $500,000 grant to fund the Imaging Data in Emerging Adults with Addiction (IDEAA) Consortium — a large marijuana research data collection undertaking. Continue reading

DFW NORML goes all out for Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth with first ever billboard

fort worth march dfwnorml

Each year, DFW NORML holds a march in Fort Worth which coincides with the Global Marijuana March to show solidarity for those affected by the war on cannabis and to raise awareness for the need to legalize marijuana.

This year, they’ve gone all out to help ensure it will be their biggest march to date. Continue reading

Texas Trash Off a huge success for Waco

Texas Trash Off

Ask anyone who attended NORML of Waco‘s Texas Trash Off event, and they’ll tell you that it was a great success. Continue reading

Crime is down in Denver after legalizing pot, but the media pushes fear

After three months of legal pot, Denver has not turned into an urban wasteland. In fact, as Vox reports, crime in the first quarter of 2014 is down across the board from the first two months of 2013.

Yes, it’s still early. But so far, the numbers don’t suggest that Denver is about to succumb to a crime wave fueled by pot-addicted hooligans. (Yes, some law enforcement officials actually warned of this.) Read more

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Texas woman calls cops over bad marijuana deal


Inmate Photo Angelina County Jail

A Texas woman reportedly called police last week over a bad bag of pot from her dealer. Continue reading

DEA Chief: Marijuana Legalization Just ‘Makes Us Fight Harder’

Far from being discouraged by the shifts in public opinion, state laws and even within the Obama administration on the legalization of marijuana, federal drug agents are now driven to “fight harder,” Drug Enforcement Administration chief Michele Leonhart said Wednesday.

Leonhart was on a role as she spewed lie after lie and tried to rekindle that reefer madness flame. Read more

Denver coroner cites cannabis edible as leading cause of jumper’s death

A college student visiting Denver jumped to his death from a hotel balcony after eating marijuana-infused cookies, according to a coroner’s report that marks the first time authorities have publicly linked a death to marijuana since legal sales of recreational cannabis began in Colorado. Read more

2 tons of weed seized in kitchenware at Laredo checkpoint

Drug cartels are always looking at new ways to smuggle marijuana across the border. This time they opted for cookware.

Continue reading

75% of Americans believe marijuana will be fully legalized

pew marijuana

A newly released Pew Research Poll shows that three-quarters of Americans believe that cannabis will be fully legal.

Even those who oppose legalization say that at some point marijuana will be legal to consume and sell.

Continue reading

Texas Cannabis Report launches internet talk show

Texas Cannabis Report has now launched its new podcast.

Episode 1 is available for download at http://txcann.podomatic.com/entry/2014-04-02T21_50_19-07_00

Continue reading

It’s high time to legalize pot, N.J. prosecutors say

Proponents of legalizing marijuana in New Jersey received a boost from an unlikely source — the very people who prosecute pot users.

The New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association in Hamilton, N.J., has come out in favor of legalizing possession of marijuana. The support of the prosecutors association comes as two bills were introduced this month in the New Jersey State Legislature and as polls show a majority of Americans favor legalization. Read more

Why Women Fight For Marijuana Legalization

Though the stereotypical marijuana user is often a man, marijuana, in fact, has specific healing properties for women. It can treat menstrual cramps, ease pain from contractions during childbirth and even function as an aphrodisiac.

Despite marijuana’s female-specific benefits, support for marijuana legalization among American women — whether it be medicinal or personal use — has long lagged behind that of men by about 5 to 10 percentage points.

But as marijuana’s medicinal powers for children gain international attention and myths associated with the drug and those who use it are debunked, female support for marijuana legalization is increasing. Women are coming out of the “cannabis closet” in order to prove marijuana is not just for boys and using the substance doesn’t make women bad people or inadequate mothers. Read more