Grand Jury refuses to indict Texas teen facing life for marijuana

Jacob LavoroA Texas Grand Jury has refused to indict Jacob Lavoro after prosecutors sought to charge him with a felony for making marijuana brownies. The charge would have Lavoro facing a potential sentence of 99 years if convicted.

He was however indicted on a lesser charge which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years. Continue reading

Nearly two-thirds of doctors support medical marijuana

cannabis stock photoA recently released survey shows that not only do a strong majority of doctors support medical marijuana, but more of them than consumers themselves believe it should be legal.

The survey of more than 1,500 doctors and nearly 3,000 consumers found that 69 percent of doctors said medical marijuana can help with certain conditions and treatments while 52 percent of consumers expressed that same belief. Continue reading

Austin candidate poised to make history in run for Texas House of Representatives

kevin_ludlow_headshot_suitMaking history in Texas and doing it in style, Kevin Ludlow has been a candidate that many have watched in awe this year.

Ludlow could very well be the first Libertarian ever elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

He’s running a strong campaign, has more than 30 volunteers, is fundraising well, and presents a diverse array of positions which are well suited for the Austin-based district he’s running in. Continue reading

Houston woman says she was profiled and arrested due to non-profit work

When Carolyn “CJ” Heinemann left her house in Katy, TX on Thursday, she never expected to have trouble with the law. However, the 40-year-old Houston native says that very afternoon, she believes she was profiled and arrested by Harris County Sheriff’s deputies.

Just down the road from her home, she was traveling in her car and had moved into a turn-only lane. As she approached a red light at Barker and 529, she came to a stop, then entered the intersection to make a turn but had to stop again when another vehicle made a u-turn. She says this caused her to be stopped on a cross walk.

Heinemann says that’s when a deputy pulled up behind her. Continue reading

South Texas vehicle chase leads to 500 pound pot stash

duval countyAuthorities in Duval County near Corpus Christi found 500 pounds of marijuana after the truck they were chasing crashed.

After attempting to pull the vehicle over for a traffic stop, sheriff’s investigator Ronald Smithwick told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that eight men ran from the truck after it crashed into a fence. Continue reading

South Texas marijuana field found worth $10 million


Federal officials say they have discovered a large marijuana growing operation near the town of Raymondville, located 50 miles from the Mexico border.

Found in a remote area surrounded by mesquite trees, the two acre operation was home to about about 11,500 cannabis plants. Officials say they amount to around 9,000 pounds and is worth about $10 million. Continue reading

Sugar Land bust nets five acre marijuana field

Sugar Land marijuana field

After months of investigation, authorities raided a five acre marijuana growing operation in Sugar Land near the regional airport.

Two suspects were seen before they ran away. Police say they pointed a pellet gun at them.

Officials say that the operation is worth several millions, but didn’t go into further detail. Some plants were over 14 feet tall. Continue reading

County refuses to pay medical expenses for burned baby during botched drug raid

baby burned

Back in May, a swat team in Atlanta, GA was serving a no-knock warrant during the middle of the night for drugs. What ultimately happened was that no drugs were found, and a baby was severely burned by the flash grenade thrown into its crib.

Now the county is refusing to accept responsibility for the actions of their sheriff’s department and pay the child’s medical bills. Continue reading

Houston non-profit group in a prime position to change Texas laws

Jason Miller
Jason Miller, Executive Director of Houston NORML.

Houston NORML has been around for nearly a quarter of a century, far longer than most other marijuana reform organizations. Located in the fourth largest U.S. city of over 2.1 million people, the potential for this non-profit group to play a lead role in helping to change marijuana laws in Texas is staggering. Jason Miller, the recently elected executive director, believes he can harness that potential. Continue reading

Marijuana policy change near certain for Houston District Attorney come November

Harris County Courthouse
Harris County Courthouse

No matter who wins this November, a change in marijuana policy at the Houston-based district attorney’s office is almost certain.

With two candidates squaring off for the Harris County position, both females, the incumbent a Republican, each has announced their interest in taking a step towards changing how low level marijuana offenders are handled. Continue reading

Texas Cannabis Report Fundraiser

Texas Cannabis Report is dedicated to bringing you coverage of all things marijuana related in Texas, including coverage of events, elections, policy, and the individuals who are involved in the effort to change marijuana laws in the state.

The news outlet was launched in June of 2013 as a professional media outlet which adheres to the same format and reporting standards as a traditional news organization.

Since then we have released over 600 news stories and have had 360,000 visits to our website. We have also released six podcast episodes, which have attracted over 3,000 combined playbacks. Our podcast is also featured on the 420 Radio Network. Continue reading

Texas politicians becoming open to changing marijuana laws after citizens reach out

Texas Capitol top
Texas representatives will be meeting in the 2015 legislative session where bills to decrease penalties, and legalize medical and recreational marijuana will be introduced.

Texas representatives have begun to open up to the idea of changing the state’s marijuana laws.

Tristan Tucker, who is deputy director of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML), has spoken with more than 15 state and federal representatives about marijuana, and how legalizing this plant could benefit the health of Texans and the Texas economy. Continue reading

Pro-marijuana reform candidate runs for Texas Senate special election in pandhandle

Kerry McKennon

Running for the open Texas Senate seat District 28, Libertarian Party candidate Kerry McKennon successfully made the ballot this past week for the September 9 special election which encompasses much of northwest Texas.

The Petersburg native has already received coverage from My Fox Lubbock about his campaign. Texas Cannabis Report spoke with McKennon as well to ask him about his stances concerning cannabis law reform. Continue reading

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