Marijuana Investment Conferences founder dies of cancer

Stuart Maudlin was a Houston entrepreneur who came up with the idea for Marijuana Investment Conferences. He passed away Sept. 14.
Stuart Maudlin was a Houston entrepreneur who came up with the idea for Marijuana Investment Conferences. He passed away Sept. 14.

Stuart Maudlin has lost his battle with cancer.

Maudlin is the founder of Marijuana Investment Conferences, a venture aimed at educating people about the newly emerging cannabis markets in the U.S.

Most recently a conference in Houston had to be rescheduled due to his deteriorating health. Earlier this week he died. Continue reading

Texas to seek death penalty after no-knock drug raid finds no drugs

Marvin Louis Guy is charged with capital murder and three counts of attempted capital murder after he shot officers during a no-knock raid which turn up no drugs.

Prosecutors in Texas are seeking the death penalty for a man who shot and killed an officer during an early morning no-knock drug raid which turned up no drugs. Continue reading

Texas Republican Rep. Tan Parker supports medical marijuana, no jail time for small amounts

Tan ParkerIn a response to a Dallas Morning News survey, Rep. Tan Parker signal his support for medical marijuana in Texas.

The Republican from Flower Mound states that he’d be open to a tightly written medical marijuana amendment which could be put on the ballot in 2015 if passed by the legislature and signed by the governor for voters to approve.

Further, in an interview with the paper’s editorial board Parker said he would support legislation eliminating jail time for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Continue reading

Congress passes bill to stop marijuana purchases with welfare money

ebtThe U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday aimed at making it harder for people who receive federal aid to use the money to buy marijuana.

The bill would prevent people from using government-issued electronic benefit transfer cards to make purchases at stores that sell marijuana. It would also prohibit people from using the cards to withdraw cash from ATMs in those stores. Continue reading

Man with cancer gets probation for growing 71 marijuana plants

A dying Iowa man who grew marijuana to treat terminal cancer was sentenced to probation Tuesday, avoiding prison even as he defended his decision to violate the law.

Judge Henry Latham chastised 48-year-old Benton Mackenzie for ignoring the law by growing 71 marijuana plants in a trailer outside his parents’ eastern Iowa home. He said growing so many plants would not be legal even in the 23 states that allow medical marijuana, which Iowa does not, and noted Mackenzie had two prior drug convictions. Continue reading

Marijuana reform candidate finishes fifth in special Texas Senate election

Kerry McKennon

Pro-marijuana candidate Kerry McKennon finished fifth in the special state senate election for District 28 in Texas.

In all, 42,789 votes were cast in a matchup which featured a total of six candidates, four of which were Republicans. The other two included a Democrat and McKennon, who is a Libertarian. Continue reading

Texas mothers seek marijuana to treat their children’s seizures

cannabis stock photo

Two mothers in Texas are now lobbying for medical marijuana after seeing positive results in other states which have allowed children with seizures to be treated with cannabis.

Jeannie Camp and Michelle Bartlett are two mothers who are hoping cannabis oil might be the treatment that, if it doesn’t bring an end to their sons’ seizures, could at least reduce the frequency.

Camp and Bartlett recently traveled to Austin to speak with the staff of Sen. Roy Fraser, R-Marble Falls. They talked about seizures and the relief their children and others could experience if cannabis oil were legal in Texas. Continue reading

New study shows marijuana manages Crohn’s Disease


People have been using cannabis to help manage their symptoms resulting from Crohn’s Disease for quite some time now. A newly released paper adds evidence to support marijuana’s efficacy for sufferers of the disease.

The journal Pharmacology published a new paper titled ‘Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn’s Disease’ wherein researchers state that, “in agreement with the ancient use of cannabis in intestinal disturbances and one decade of animal research, cannabis was shown in a clinical trial to reduce symptoms in patients with Crohn’s disease.” Continue reading

(Video) Episode 7 of Texas Cannabis Report talk show launched on YouTube

The seventh episode of Texas Cannabis Report podcast is now available on YouTube and features marijuana news out of Houston, including an activist who says she was profiled and arrested, pro-marijuana reform candidates in Texas such as Kevin Ludlow and Kerry McKennon, as well as an interview with John Tunmire, upcoming events, raids, music by G.L.O.A.T. Entertainment, and much more, including a tribute to the late Robin Williams. Continue reading

(Video) Kory Watkins talks medical marijuana patients’ gun rights

Texas Cannabis Report correspondent Allison Nash recently spoke with Kory Watkins about medical marijuana patients losing their Second Amendment rights due to federal cannabis restrictions.

Watkins in the director of Open Carry Tarrant County, a group which carries rifles and black power pistols openly in public to bring awareness to gun laws in Texas. Continue reading

Blog: Why We Write

Several people recently indicated that perhaps it was time for me to take a break from covering police brutality and misconduct cases because my continuing coverage might make me a target for the boys in blue. To use their exact words:

“You keep writing this stuff and the cops are going to shoot you.”

Every journalist worth anything eventually receives death threats. I’ve probably received about six that I considered credible, incidentally only one of those was from a cop. It happens. It’s a part of what we do. If we aren’t making somebody angry, we aren’t pushing the story far enough. We typically laugh the threats off and make jokes about being on a watchlist or ending up on a milk carton. Continue reading

Marijuana related events in Texas for September 2014


The following is a list of all known cannabis related events happening in Texas for the month of September, 2014.

A full list of events for the year can be found at and coverage of various events can be found at

Interested in having your event listed? Email a link to your event or a summary of it to Continue reading

Willie Nelson refuses to stop smoking marijuana during Texas tour

Willie_NelsonDespite the state’s harsh penalties for marijuana possession, singer/songwriter Willie Nelson says that he’s going to keep consuming marijuana during his tours through Texas.

Saying that he can afford the fines, Nelson says he’ll either pay the fines or serve the jail time, then get right back to smoking, often as soon as he is released. Continue reading

Local candidates talk marijuana at Arlington sports bar

Photo courteous of DFW NORML
Photo courteous of DFW NORML

Over 150 people packed it in to hear local candidates talk about marijuana and more this past weekend in Arlington.

Three political candidates from two different parties in Texas spoke to those attending the Dallas-Fort Worth National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML) meeting on Saturday at The House Sports Bar and Grill. Continue reading

Episode 7 of Texas Cannabis Report Podcast Now Available

The seventh episode of Texas Cannabis Report features marijuana news out of Houston, including an activist who says she was profiled and arrested, pro-marijuana reform candidates in Texas, including an interview with John Tunmire, upcoming events, raids, music by G.L.O.A.T. Entertainment, and much more.

Listen to the podcast on PodOmatic, iTunes, and YouTube.

Get the show notes below. Continue reading

(Video) Houston NORML’s televised panel discussion

Houston NORML hosted an event on Thursday which featured speakers and a panel discussion from several political backgrounds, which was all broadcast on public access television.

The groups involved included Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Houston Young Republicans (HYR), Harris County Young Democrats (HCYD), and the Harris County Libertarian Party (HCLP).

Watch video of the event below. Continue reading

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