Texas girl dead after being taken from parents for smoking marijuana


A young girl has died under the supervision of foster parents after she was taken from her parents for neglectful supervision after they admitted to smoking marijuana while she was asleep.

Her father, Joshua Hill of Round Rock, spoke with KVUE about the incident.

“We got to sit down at McDonalds and have lunch and play for a while,” said Hill. He continued “she got a little ‘Despicable Me 2′ toy in her happy meal and she loved it. She kept climbing up in my lap and she fed me french fries.”

That was the last time he would get to see his daughter Alexandria before he would visit her at the hospital, arriving to find she was in a coma.

Alex was rushed to Rockdale hospital with severe head injuries, then flown to Scott and White Children’s Emergency Hospital in Temple and immediately placed on life support.

She had been living with foster parents since last November.

Hill stated “we never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care.”

For the first two months, Alex was placed in a home that Hill says was dangerous as he claimed “she would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested because I wouldn’t let her go back.”

He said the situation seemed to get better though when she was placed with Sherill Small in Rockdale.

Then Hill was called and told to come to the hospital. Alex was kept on life support and for two days they hoped she would regain consciousness, but she ended up dying.

Rockdale detectives say Small’s explanation didn’t match Alex’s injuries and she was arrested on murder charges. Another child was removed from her after Alex was taken to the hospital.

Hill says he was less than four months away from getting Alex back and now he’ll never get the chance.

Officials with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tell KVUE they rely on private child placing agencies to perform background checks on all foster homes.

The agency in this case is called Texas Mentor and state records show 15 total deficiencies for the Austin branch of that agency over the past two years.

Four of those deficiencies were for failing to perform proper background checks on people who live in foster homes.

It has left many wondering how a child could be taken from her parents for their consumption of a non-toxic plant that has been legalized in two states and is used medicinally in 20 states, which would lead to unnecessary suffering and ultimately heartbreak for a family.

By: Stephen Carter
Contact Stephen via email at TXCann@gmail.com

21 thoughts on “Texas girl dead after being taken from parents for smoking marijuana

  1. So the parents smoked weed *whilst the child was not around/asleep*. What is the problem here! Can’t you see the antiquated anti-cannabis laws are what are harming people and children, not the plant itself?
    Why was the child removed from their loving, caring parents. So they smoke weed; it’s a natural plant that’s been with human civilization for thousands of years. Do you punish parents who drink a beer or two by taking away their kids? I am glad I do not live in the USA.

  2. Disgusting that this could happen to a family, due to the prejudice and criminalization of a non toxic natural plant, When will this archaic war on marijuana end, When all the lives are ruined by a law enforcement and social services that do not serve the safety and the interest of the people.

  3. I feel bad for the parents and the little girl, but don’t defend the parents for smoking pot. How are you going to take care of a little girl, what if somthing happened while your high. I do not approve if any parent getting high/drunk in front of there kids. Man up and quick smoking pot set a good example for your daughter.

  4. Completely agree with Joe. If you’re a parent, especially of a toddler – I have one myself – you shouldn’t be getting drunk or high. If they need you or get hurt, you won’t be able to properly help them. Toddlers don’t always sleep through the night anyway, and are VERY prone to getting hurt. I don’t agree with it. You chose to have kids, grow up and stop getting high and drunk.

    • I disagree completely with both joe and Vicki. If your an adult and you choose partake in smoking and/or drinking thats your chose. Smoking marijuana has never been reported to cause death to those who smoke or those who don’t, where as being drunk impairs your thinking dramatically and kills people everyday. I don’t have kids so I might not completely understand but I can say I have friends who has parents that smokes pot ands they all turned out fine, college students in fact.

  5. Vicky and Joe, while I agree with the sentiment of what you’re trying to say, it honestly does not apply in this scenario.First of all, the child was asleep in, another room presumably, so they weren’t “getting high in front of their child.” Secondly I’d like to point out that most toddlers aren’t raised under constant scrutinous observation, (I sure as hell wasn’t and I’m will to bet neither of you did either) so with that in mind the kid being in bed is probably the safest possible place they could have been while the parents were doing what they were. You make it sound like the first second their lips touch a joint they’ll turn into inept morons who don’t know how to crack a door and check up on the kid every half hour like a regular parent. It isn’t a matter of whether you should or shouldn’t smoke cannabis at all once you become a parent, it’s a matter of responsibility to choose the appropriate times and situations when it is acceptable, just like literally anything else in life.

  6. Wow you guys are stupid. They were smoking weed around while putting her to sleep. She was a baby so most likely she was sleeping around them so not to be left unattended. And plus weed is a smoke that can disperse to different rooms and areas. Tobacco is also a non-toxic and natural plant in its natural state. So you guys can’t use the same argument. I believe it is you weed users that are getting brainwashed by society hence why so many people use it and why it is getting legalized. The government is just taking advantage of this and basically poking fun at you pot heads since it’s easy to influence anyone that is high.

    • It’s a shame that such skewed, biased perspectives have become the most accepted and respected points over the issue with marijuana. Frankly, your opinion is just as ignorant and washed up as the stupid pothead that believes it’s the solution to everything and god’s gift to man.

      Lets assume that the parents were smoking outside and kept the volume on their tv/stereo down to a level that allows them to be alerted by the sound of their baby’s cries. I have been high on marijuana more than a large handful of times and there is no reason why they couldn’t respond and serve the baby’s needs if it happens to wake up and cry, and I wouldn’t believe for one second that baby was better off in the care of any foster parents which will never give that baby the love her blood parents would. At the end of the day it’s your perspective that indirectly killed this child.

  7. “Alias,” you’re a fucking moron plain and simple, because you’re missing the entire point of this article. If CPS hadn’t TAKEN their child from them over a complete and utter overreaction due to antiquated marijuana laws (If they’d had evidence of poor living conditions or other abuse, I wouldn’t care, but the didn’t) the child would not have been placed with someone that was massively irresponsible/a murderer. The kid would likely be perfectly healthy to this day and we’d have never even heard of this family in the news.

  8. Alias, it is you that is stupid. Tobacco is NOT a non-toxic plant. It is so toxic that it is used in its natural state as a strong pesticide. You are the brainwashed and uninformed party.

  9. Prohibitionists: Your days of theft, extortion, terrorism, kidnaping and murder will come to an ABRUPT end. You will be held accountable.

    Cannabis users, assert your rights OR you will have none. Demand justice and be prepared to implement it OR you will continue to live in an unjust world. Stand up to the ignorance and bigotry that plagues our community OR let thoughtless power hungry sociopaths rule the day!

    Find an activist group AND GET ACTIVE!


    Declaration of Rights of Cannabis Users (Google it, read it, sign it, promote it!)

  10. I think the point of this story is lost on most here…. A CHILD is dead because of the Irresponsibility of the Public office that was formed to care for her. Someone needs to be held responsible for this Negligence.

    • I agree with you 100%, CPS should not be allowed to say ” hired a private company to investigate prospective foster parents”. Is their job and their doing and they should be held responsible.

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