35 officers raid Central Texas home, find less than 2 ounces of marijuana

It’s 5:30 in the morning, you’re sound asleep. Suddenly, explosions rock your house and you can hear your kids screaming down the hall. You have no idea what’s happening, but you’re up and running to see if your children are in danger. As you run out of your bedroom and down the hall, you see flashes and smoke, and that’s when the barrel of a rifle is slammed into your chest. You collapse to the floor.

You come to and see your son being dragged out of his room in handcuffs as a gun is pointed at his face. Your daughter is being screamed at to get on the floor and shut the fuck up. Both children are terrified because the police have just raided the house and threw flash grenades through their windows into their rooms. PTSD comes in many forms.

Upwards of 35 officers, all part of a multi-jurisdictional task force, are pouring through your home, ransacking the place, destroying furniture and doors. You wonder if your dog is still alive, knowing how often the police shoot pets these days. Luckily he made it through.

This was the scene at a Robinson, Texas home this past week as police executed a search warrant which turned up less than two ounces of marijuana. Police also confiscated a laptop, cellphone, about $2,000 and several firearms. Derrick Clinton Wharton, 34, was arrested and taken to the McLennan County Jail on charges of possession of marijuana and money laundering. He was released later that day.

McGregor police say the raid came as part of an ongoing investigation with ties to McGregor.

During the raid police poured through windows and smashed through the front door without any warning, doing extensive damage which Wharton later had to repair. A large dent remains in his front door where the battering ram hit it. They also broke his bed and dresser.

Wharton was called the next day and told he could come pick up his phone, but when he arrived, the police arrested him again and stated that they had heard about a secret room in the house which they did not know about and had missed the first time through. They gave him two options, either show them where the room was, or they could go back and turn the house upside down. He chose to show them the room.

When officers searched the hidden room they found indoor grow equipment and a surveillance system which was used to monitor the room. They also found an incredibly small amount of cannabis, sources say as little as a gram or so.

Police had already prepared a statement which was released to the local media stations, saying that they had heard about the hidden room after Wharton’s 15-year-old son had been bragging at his high school in Midway that day about officers having not found the room. The issue with that statement though is that Wharton’s son is 17 and does not attend Midway, but Robinson.

While it is unknown whether or not police obtained this information from Wharton’s son or by other means, it has been shown in previous instances where the government has spied on people illegally and then directed police to cover up their source of information by lying about how they obtained it.

By: Stephen Carter
Contact Stephen via email at TXCann@gmail.com

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8 thoughts on “35 officers raid Central Texas home, find less than 2 ounces of marijuana

  1. so he grows and distributes an illegal substance and launders the money he makes as a result. He gets busted by the police. not really seeing a problem here……

  2. How did they get the info about the secret room ? If his son was at school bragging about it how did the cops find out are they paying school kids to snitch

  3. What I don’t get is that ok he had marijuana and a secret room but why bust in and terrorize the children in the house. Why is that ok? And the cops speculated and lied about how they heard about the secret room. Its says that his son was 17 not 15 and it was the wrong school. So if they were investigating that man, they suck because the would have had all their facts straight. i feel sorry for the kids, There are other ways to handle this situation.

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