Texas MPP receives $100,000 in matching donations

texas normlTexas NORML has proven its ability to organize, endure and succeed. Now they’ve gotten a huge challenge and opportunity to raise much needed funds for Marijuana Policy Project.

Because of their organizational ability and hard work to reform cannabis laws in Texas, a California donor has offered to match up to $100,000 in donations. For each dollar you donate, their donor will match it.

The organization has a well developed plan to raise and effectively spend that money too! Taking advantage of cannabis wins in multiple states and their recent successes, they plan to hire a top ranked lobbying firm in Austin.

There will three bills to promote in 2015; a decriminalization bill, a medical bill and a legalization bill. Their goal is to see a major change in Texas cannabis laws by 2017.

MPP’s current focus is to raise money to reserve and pay for the lobby firm’s services and to maintain other avenues of activism, outreach and education. They urge you to take part in changing cannabis laws in Texas and absolutely need your support to launch and sustain their plan.

This is a unique opportunity to realize positive change in Texas and they’re asking you to become a monthly donor, or at least make a one time donation.

By becoming a monthly donor you can give them a budget to plan on and ensure projects can be accomplished. When there is a reliable stream of income they can more efficiently plan out their strategy. Texas NORML is an educational 501 c(4) with no paid employees and the funds donated will be earmarked for the 2015 Plan.

Visit their website at http://texasnorml.org/lobby/ to help fund this campaign and ensure that Texas gets this done now!

Article corrected to report MPP as receiving the matching donation, not Texas NORML.

By: Stephen Carter
Contact Stephen via email at TXCann@gmail.com

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One thought on “Texas MPP receives $100,000 in matching donations

  1. This article is also incorrect about the 3 bills.After speaking with MPP representatives at a International drug policy conference ,this group is NOT working on ANY medical bill. When I asked Chris about pediatric patient’s and the importance of safe access, as the remaining 2 bills don’t address, he stated that medical was not an issue they would be working on. This was confirmed at DFW meeting by Cheyenne unless I completely misunderstood her.

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