Medical marijuana can help Texas cowboys and cowgirls

cowboyThe Texas cowboy endures a rugged life often filled with aches and pains, something which medical marijuana could help with immensely.

Whether they’re working the ranch fixing fences and equipment, hauling hay, building things, working with livestock, or out riding the rodeo circuits getting thrown to the ground, stepped on, and wrestling with steers, there’s a lot of injuries and general pain involved.

Hanging on for 8 seconds can cause weeks of pain.

They’re a tough breed, but even the tough need pain relief, and many turn to pharmaceutical opiates and alcohol, two drugs which can be internally damaging, causing even more problems down the road. Not to mention the severe addictiveness.

Consuming marijuana for medicinal use would help reduce the need to rely on these other drugs. Considering the extensive pain relieving properties of marijuana, its effectiveness as a painkiller makes it an ideal alternative, or if the pain is extremely severe, very complementary, especially given its relative harmlessness compared to other painkillers.

Luke Creasy checks his arm brace before taking his re-ride at the Western Texas College Rodeo. Image Source:

Luke Creasy checks his arm brace before taking his re-ride at the Western Texas College Rodeo. Image Source:

Cannabis, the scientific name for marijuana, also works well as an anti-inflammatory medicine.

Many already do use marijuana medicinally, but due to the illegality and taboo of the non-toxic plant, those cowboys, and even cowgirls, are reluctant to speak openly about it. A majority of Texans however support legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Considering that even popular Texas radio personality Kidd Kraddick felt he needed to hide his medicinal use of marijuana, it’s understandable how others believe they can’t openly talk about the ways this plant helps them.

The rural way of life can be tough, and that suits the Texas cowboys and cowgirls just fine. Choosing medical marijuana to ease the pain over other painkillers is something worth looking into though.

By: Stephen Carter
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