Man in jail for marijuana is allowed to leave once a month to smoke marijuana

njweedmanIf ever the laws don’t make sense, this is one case which entirely proves that our criminal justice system is in dire need of reform.

New Jersey resident Ed Forchion, also known as NJWEEDMAN, is currently serving nine months in jail for marijuana possession. Once a month for 10 days he is let out of jail so he can go consume marijuana.

You see, Forchion is a medical marijuana patient in California. In case you were wondering, New Jersey has medical marijuana as well, which allows patients up to two ounces per month. However, Forchion was busted before that program came into existence and the amount he had exceeded the allotted amount.

Forchion has cancer and has been consuming marijuana for quite some time. In 2010 he was caught with a pound of cannabis in his trunk. While his case was working through the legal system, New Jersey legalized medical marijuana. Since this happened before that though, he was still considered guilty of breaking the law, even though he was sentenced after the new law went into effect, which could have had some effect on his sentencing.

All of the particulars of his case are quite extensive, and I recommend checking out his story at in order to do it full justice.

Being found guilty of possession, yet considered a medical marijuana patient which must have access to his medicine, once a month he is allowed to leave jail for 10 days and fly to California where he consumes cannabis for his cancer.

It’s a grand demonstration of just how jumbled and troubled our legal system is.

So what does he do during his time in jail? Forchion stated to The Trentonian “It’s boring. I just sit there in jail with a whole bunch of people who are wasting their lives. Boring. That’s the number one thing. And it doesn’t do one thing. What am I being corrected on? The state already legalized medical marijuana. I’m a medical marijuana patient. This is punishment for being outspoken and right.”

Forchion’s sentence was vacated on Jan. 30 and he was released after spending a total of 130 days in jail.

By: Stephen Carter
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