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3 ways people fear government which prove pot laws must change

potcuffsThere’s a lot of reasons to change not only marijuana laws, but to reform our governments in general. However when these things happen, you know for sure it’s time to get up and do something about it.

You’re afraid to visit a pro-cannabis website.

Unless you’re accessing the web from your work computer, you should never fear visiting certain websites, with exception of kiddy porn. That’s just not cool.

If you fear retribution in some way from the government for visiting a pro-cannabis website or just about any website in general, not only are we certain that marijuana laws need to be changed, but the politicians running the government need to be tossed out. What you’re experiencing here is the fear of tyranny, and this should never happen.

You think your house will get raided for donating to, being a member of, or receiving info from a pro-cannabis organization.

I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to who refuse to have any sort of connection to a non-profit cannabis organization whether it’s by being a member, donating money, or simply being on a mailing list because they fear getting on some sort of government list and having their front door kicked in by police.

This is why High Times likely still sells a lot of issues on the newsstand; people are genuinely afraid of having it delivered to their home.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Not only does this not happen, but people can join, donate, and receive information anonymously. The government is not going to get a hold of your information. This is an entirely legal activity, and if you fear a raid on your house for doing these things, it’s time for some reforms.

Feel free to go out and donate money to marijuana organizations. It will be immensely helpful in speeding up the much needed reform of our cannabis laws.

You believe your kids will be taken by CPS.

A lot of people believe that by simply advocating for changes in the law, this can prompt CPS to take their kids away. In a sense, this can be true if you are in fact consuming cannabis and are caught doing so. Even if you’re just advocating though and not breaking the law in any way, a call to CPS by some unscrupulous person can prompt a visit, and that alone is nerve-racking.

When parents fear the government kidnapping their children simply for advocating that the law be changed concerning a non-toxic plant which over 23 million Americans admit to consuming on a monthly basis and 58% support legalizing, again, not only do marijuana laws need to be changed, but something is seriously messed up about our government and its tactics.

By: Stephen Carter
Contact Stephen via email at TXCann@gmail.com

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