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6 Events in Texas for 4/20 weekend

420 Texas*Edit – Due to the popularity of this old article, many are finding their way here while searching for events each year. Please visit our calendar for current 420 events.

April 20 is fast approaching, and there will be some marijuana friendly events happening that weekend in Texas.

Kicking things off on Friday, April 17 is the annual Austin Reggae Festival, which spans the entire weekend through Sunday.

Texas NORML will be tabling the music festival, which features 15 bands at Auditorium Shores in Austin. Tickets for each day will be $15, though a three day pass can be purchased for $40. However, if you volunteer for Texas NORML, you’ll get free entry into the event. Check out the details here.

On the far side of the state, El Paso NORML is getting in on the spirit of things with a 420 Fest of their own.

They’ll be hosting live music on Friday as well at the San Carlos Building, and will feature seven bands. Entry is only $5. Get the details for the event here.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

The very next day El Paso NORML will be involved in a cannabis rally.

Moving on to Monday, April 20 there will be three options for people spread out over southeast Texas, central Texas, and north Texas.

There will be a 420 Concert at Cinema in Waco, where NORML of Waco will be tabling the event, which features three bands. Cover charge is only $5. Get those details here.

Down near the gulf Houston NORML will be hosting a 420 Evening Fest at Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar. There will be three bands and a few speakers talking about reforming marijuana laws in Texas. Find the details for this event here.

Up near the Dallas/Fort Worth area, DFW NORML will be hosting their first ever 420 Smoke Down Prohibition event at J Gilligan’s Bar and Grill in Arlington. There will be food, live music, speakers, vendors and more. Find out the details here.

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