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8 Pounds of Pot Found Underground in Duval County

Buried marijuana was found by 3 different law enforcement aqencies Thursday 4 miles north of San Diego in Duval County.

71 year old Pablo Garcia and 56 year old Irma Trevino are in the Duval County jail charged with possession.

But it was an arrest of a third man, 51 year old Roberto Pena, earlier Thursday, that led them to get a search warrant and return to 6465 CR 103 later the same day.

According to the Duval County Sheriff’s Department, Pena was seen leaving the property earlier in the day. He was arrested on a warrant and officers subsequently found 3 pounds of marijuana in his car.

During questioning, Pena told them where and from whom he’d gottten the pot. Authorities then got a search warrant and went back to the property. Read more

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