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A musical act and legislative experiences at Waco NORML meeting

NORML of Waco's September 2015 meeting. Photo by Arthur Mayer
NORML of Waco’s September 2015 meeting. Photo by Arthur Mayer

NORML of Waco hosted a musical duo of lawyers and saw a presentation on legislative efforts at their September meeting.

Will Hutson and Chris Harris of Hutson & Harris Law Firm performed their song “Don’t Eat Your Weed” to inform people of what they should do during a traffic stop if they have marijuana on them. They then took questions about different scenarios where a person would be busted for cannabis possession.

They often urged people to be polite, not say more than they had to, and if the officer legally searches a vehicle, to go ahead and give them the marijuana in order to avoid damages to the vehicle and additional charges.

Jax Finkel, the Executive Director of Texas NORML, gave a presentation on legislative efforts this year to reform marijuana laws and outlined an agenda through 2017 for how activists plan to proceed.

Finkel spoke about the need to be professional, polite, focused, and to stay in contact with representatives.

“There’s a million great things about marijuana, but they don’t need to know about all of them right now,” she stated. “If you go to talk about medical marijuana, stick to medical marijuana.”

She also stressed the need to be honest and to not make up an answer.

“It’s perfectly acceptable to say I don’t know, but I’ll get back to you with an answer. And always follow up!”

Finkel says Texas NORML is planning both a primary and general election voter guide for next year, and will be holding multiple events. They also plan to focus on veterans.

NORML of Waco announced at the meeting the location of their annual ABNORML Halloween Bash, which is the group’s major fundraiser. They hope to raise enough money to continue improving the quality of information handouts, host bigger and better events, and to begin heavily advertising about their organization and its actions.

They also announced that all positions on their board will be coming up for election in December.

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