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Alaska reporter drops f-bomb during marijuana newscast, has ties to Texas

After Alaska reporter Charlo Green dropped the f-bomb on live TV during a newscast, she has received a swirl of attention. She also has ties to Texas where she attended college.

Green, whose real name is Charlene Ebge, quit her job at KTLA 11 News in Anchorage on Sunday night when she revealed she was the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club during a report on its interest in an upcoming ballot measure. “And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, f— it. I quit,” she said live on the air before walking off set and leaving the station scrambling.

She immediately began promoting an Indiegogo page for her medicinal marijuana dispensary which she founded April 20 of this year. In less than 36 hours, she’s already passed her fundraising goal with more than $6,400 raised to raise awareness about Ballot Measure 2, which would legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol in Alaska.

“If responsible adults should be allowed to choose how they like to drink, why differentiate my toke from your beer?” Ebge asked in a YouTube video explaining why she quit.

Ebge had planned her exit a month prior, but did not disclose her ties or plan to the news station.

“It’s really cool to see how many people are rallying behind this,” she told Vice in an interview. “I had to step away to make sure that Alaskans know what’s really at stake. And the opportunity that is ahead of us.”

Egbe told the publication she first smoked marijuana in high school, saying “Alaskans smoke weed. It just is what it is” and then turned to alcohol in college. She said she failed six out of seven classes in one semester at the University of Texas at Arlington due to heavy drinking, and then turned to something less “harmful.”

“… I picked up smoking weed. I went from failing an entire semester, to the next semester, and every semester after that, being on the Dean’s List. I graduated cum laude… And that’s because I was smoking weed! I sat my a– at home and did what I needed to do, and I never woke up with a hangover because of it, or got behind the wheel and ran over a family or anything because of it.”

Ebge plans to use donations from crowd-funding to “inform” voters about marijuana’s potential benefits. Alaska legalized medical marijuana in 1998, but never set up state-licensed dispensaries, which Egbe hopes her cannabis club will become.

She also advocated quitting in a “big” way to Vice:

“Your job probably sucks, so go ahead and get whatever you can out of it,” she said. “If your job gives you access to information that might help wherever you’re going to go next, then get that!”

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