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Alexis Bortell to appear in Tyler

Alexis Bortell Tyler 2016

10-year-old Alexis Bortell will take the stage at Liberty Hall in Tyler on Saturday, May 14th to share her story as a medical refugee whose powerful message now leads the battle for the use of medical cannabis in saving children’s lives in Texas.

Bortell is just one member of “Team Alexis” as she is the oldest daughter of the family of four forced to flee their home in Rowlett in February of 2015 after traditional medication for Intractable Epilepsy not only failed, but proved to be life threatening. Her doctor — back then — pushed for the family to leave for Colorado immediately in hopes medical cannabis would save Alexis’ life. It worked. Under the care of a board certified and state licensed medical physician, she has not a had a seizure in over a year now.

“I have not been able to visit Texas with my whole family since my doctor said we should go to Colorado to try Cannabis to stop my seizures. I can’t wait to see my grandma and grandpa! I am really excited my little sister Avery will be with me on stage for the first time ever, and I’m happy it will be at home in East Texas,” says Alexis.

The “Team Alexis in East Texas” event in Tyler marks the FIRST time the family will be together as one on Texas soil since their exile. Their short visit will be bittersweet though as their family home is to be listed for sale the day after they speak in Tyler, but Alexis’ father Dean Bortell has faith their fight will end with everyone returning home to Texas for good.

“In 2010 I visited Grand Saline for the first time and fell in love with the trees and people. Two years later I returned and bought that same farm I’d visited with a neighbor to help do some manual labor for. Unfortunately, the seizure monster began haunting my daughter. For now, we plan to sell our home and keep the farm where we pray we can complete our plan to ultimately come home to East Texas,” says Bortell who is also a disabled United States Military Veteran.

Representative David Simpson personally invited the family to come to East Texas to tell their story — to advance the cause of medical freedom here.

“Nothing should ever prevent a parent from seeking the best medical treatment for their child. The fact the Bortell family had to move out of state to care for Alexis is simply outrageous and an indictment on our state’s policy,” says Representative Simpson.

The program, sponsored by CANNLIV, kicks off at 10 a.m. and is open to the public as well as free to attend. The line up includes a “Question and Answer” segment between Alexis and members of the audience to be moderated by Cindy Trimble who serves as the producer and co-host of ‘Art Connection of East Texas’ on KTBB Radio.

“We are honored to have Alexis and her family here. It is fitting that the name of the location be Liberty Hall, the medical liberty the Bortell’s seek for all individuals seeking treatment from a natural extract,” says event producer John David Carrasco.

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