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An alligator guards this stash

alligatorActing on a tip, Montgomery County Pct. 4 Deputy Constables went to 64-year-old Michael Terry’s home in Splendora to conduct a drug bust.

Upon arriving they spoke with Terry who admitted to having cannabis on the property. Authorities arrested Terry for possessing two ounces of cannabis.

Upon entering his mobile home though, police were in for a shock when they found a six foot alligator in the living room which began hissing and snapping at them. They quickly shut the door and called for help from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

A wildlife specialist was able to remove the alligator without issue, but that wasn’t the only animal in the home either. Further investigation turned up several rattlesnakes.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Terry has been released on bond but will likely face further charges for raising the alligator and snakes without a permit.

Who needs guard dogs when you’ve got alligators and rattlesnakes?

Source: http://montgomerycountypolicereporter.com/six-montgomery-precinct-4-deputies-needed-to-take-dope-guard-into-custody-3/

By: Stephen Carter
Stephen can be reached by email at TXCann@gmail.com

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