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Austin City Council passes resolution supporting medical marijuana

Austin city councilRepresentatives on the Austin City Council passed a resolution Thursday in support of medical marijuana.

The resolution amends the city’s state legislative agenda to support laws which would legalize cannabis for medicinal use in Texas and give legal protections to those using it as prescribed by a licensed physician.

City Council members Bill Spelman and Mike Martinez sponsored the measure.

Passing the measure as part of the consent agenda, the resolution was approved unanimously.

A few people spoke in favor of medical marijuana.

This does not in any way legalize cannabis for medicinal use within the city limits of Austin.

Bills have been introduced in the Texas legislature for several sessions now in an effort to reduce penalties, give patients an affirmative defense in court of their medicinal usage, and outright legalization. Most fail in committee, and those which do make it out of committee aren’t scheduled for a vote.

Activists are hopeful that they will make inroads in the 2015 session and at the very least come away with penalty reductions for possession.

By: Stephen Carter
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