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Austin juice and smoothie business partners with marijuana non-profit

A fresh juice and smoothie business in Austin has come up with a hemp-based drink which will see half of its proceeds go to a local non-profit marijuana organization.

Established in 2011, JuiceLand, which has 13 Austin-area locations, one Brooklyn location, a cleanse program, and a record shop, has been coming up with a unique drink each month since 2014, and then partnering with a health-conscious non-profit to donate half of the drink’s sales to.

It’s called the “Feel Good – Do Good” program, and their “Juice Chefs” whip up a delicious new combination each month based on local and seasonal ingredients.

For the month of September, that drink is the “Weird City” and it benefits Texas NORML, which is the Austin-based chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

JuiceLand's drink for September "Weird City" which benefits Texas NORML.
JuiceLand’s drink for September “Weird City” which benefits Texas NORML.

The drink contains orange juice, bananas, hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp oil, spirulina, and CBD oil. This particular CBD oil is hemp-based, and not the medical variety which was recently legalized in Texas.

“Our ‘Feel Good – Do Good’ program grew out of our desire to support our local community,” says Jacquelynn St.Pierre, who works doing public relations for JuiceLand. “Thanks to our loyal customers, we are expanding throughout this wonderful city, while spreading our mission and commitment to health. We feel thankful and inspired to give back to our juice-loving supporters who are helping our dream come true.”

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

“We choose a non-profit organization based on current events and community needs, for example, after the recent flooding our monthly special benefited Austin Disaster relief. We choose organizations whose mission aligns with ours – promoting health and wellness, supporting children, and creativity.”

Jax Finkel, who is the executive director of Texas NORML, says the partnership has been great for raising awareness about hemp, and helping bring more exposure to their group.

“When I visited my local Juiceland to get a Weird City drink, they told me a bit about our organization. It was surreal,” Finkel says, adding that the partnership with the company has been a pleasure.

Texas NORML has been one of many groups involved with the state legislature this year, lobbying for marijuana law reforms. About a dozen bills were introduced pertaining to cannabis.

Two hemp bills were introduced as well, one which would have fully legalized hemp, and another which legalizes the versatile plant for research purposes. The former was not voted on, while the latter was unanimously passed out of committee, however it was never scheduled for a vote by the full Texas House of Representatives.

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