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Austin police raid pro-marijuana candidate's home, find nothing

kevin_ludlow_headshot_suitAUSTIN, TX, October 5, 2014: Texas State House of Representatives candidate Kevin Ludlow was physically detained in his home last Wednesday by Austin police for suspicion of marijuana. APD was called to the scene when a person dialed 911 to report a suspicious person inside the home.

The person in the home was his house-cleaner and had permission to be there; Ludlow himself was not at home. The officers claimed to have smelled marijuana when speaking with his house-cleaner.

Without consent, the officers entered the home. The house-cleaner reports that after being asked a series of questions, one officer searched the residence with his firearm drawn. No other people were in the house at the time. When Ludlow arrived at the home he was promptly detained and denied the right to call his attorney. The incident was recorded on his video camera and posted to YouTube. The officers refer to concerns for their safety several times on the video.

Ludlow says, “I am absolutely outraged at this situation. I have been campaigning against the war on drugs for years. This is a perfect example of the danger is poses to each and every person and god knows what would have happened if I were a minority. There were no drugs in the house and yet these officers granted themselves carte blanche to search my home with weapons drawn. It’s patently absurd, it’s dangerous, and the taxpayers picked up the bill.” No drugs were found in the house and the officers left the scene without further incident. The video has gained massive traction with online audiences since it was first posted Friday night.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018


Kevin Ludlow is the 2014 Libertarian candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in District 46. He holds a mathematics degree from the University of Texas, is a local small business owner, a published author, and a strong community leader.

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