Andy Graf

Andy Graf

Nick Novello Dallas Police Department

After demonstrating some inconsistencies between the official statistics about 911 response times put out by the Dallas Police Department, and actual experience on live video, Nick Novello’s retirement has been delayed because he is now under investigation. A pastor and activist speaking the hard truths, Novello is not afraid to

Protestors marched to the steps of the Tarrant County Courthouse during the Marijuana March of North Texas in 2017.

As I wandered towards Burnett park in Fort Worth on Saturday, May 6th, the musky, skunky smell in the air left no doubt that I was in the right place. In a small green field, a few thousand gathered, listened to music, wandered around a few tents and booths, and

Twenty-four hours after the walls of the Ft. Worth Convention Center were filled to the brim with Trump supporters screaming “Make America great again!” over 40 speakers, 60 booths, and 6,400 people gathered to learn about one of the fastest growing industries in America, cannabis. The Southwest Cannabis Conference and

The Flower Mound Area Republican Club recently hosted a panel discussion entitled “Marijuana: The Meltdown of our Country” and we brought you coverage of the event. Now we present to you just the facts of what was discussed that evening.