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Being A NORML Community Can Help Make a Happier, Safer, and Healthier San Antonio

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There is always someone in greater need than ourselves, and there are always community services that our city San Antonio needs which our foundation of supporters can assist with from time to time.  We’re making all possible efforts to work with other local non-profit organizations to volunteer hours of time for community projects.

It’s important to spend some time as an organization in Bexar County wearing some NORML t-shirts and off the stereotypical couch scene with a bag of Doritos and prove that we are a culture of people who want to make an impact on the 2nd largest city in Texas. We don’t want our city to say “NORML who? NORML what?” or, “who is NORML?” We want our city to see NORML supporters in action as everyday citizens wanting to better our community just like anyone else.

We are currently looking into organizing our volunteers to assist with community projects such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, San Antonio Food Bank, Graffiti clean up, and we plan to continue our community service projects as long as we have volunteers willing to commit and participate.

Volunteers can provide the people of San Antonio with good deeds while at the same time taking the opportunity to educate the many misinformed citizens about cannabis and help correct their misinformed perceptions.

Protests, in my opinion, tend to piss the wrong people off, but an offering of logic and selfless kindness confuses the misconstrued close-minded conservative generations. Our charming intellectual, motivated, and generous attitudes are how you change a city like San Antonio.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

San Antonio NORML is not only looking for volunteers to help with our community projects and volunteering, but we are in also great need of someone willing to donate their time to assist with the coordination and tracking of all projects and volunteers.

If interested contact Karli Duran at karli@sanorml.org

Success does not come over night, and Texas is one of the slowest and most difficult states to fight for marijuana decriminalization. San Antonio NORML is committed to saving Bexar county tax money, and making positive changes in our city with the millions we would save.

By: Karli Duran
Executive Director of San Antonio NORML

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