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Bigfoot hunters hinder Texas marijuana bust

A marijuana bust worth $6 million in Delta County, Texas has been hampered by Bigfoot hunters.


Authorities discovered a field of over 6,500 cannabis plants when a group of hunters called in after coming upon the grow site and workers.

“This was not someone playing around and experimenting,” said Texas Game Warden Captain Steve Stapleton. “The camp was at least a mile from any road in some harsh conditions. They picked this spot on purpose and spent day and night out there for some time. There was a lot of trash to clean up.”

Generators, water pumps, tents, food, camping equipment, and personal care items were found at the scene.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

As game wardens and deputies searched the area with dogs, they had to contend with Bigfoot hunters.

“We were told the suspects spoke English and communicated well,” said Sheriff Ricky Smith. “We did a good perimeter search for a car. That they might have left a car and came in here [WMA], but there was no indication. It appears someone just dropped them off here.”

Contractors are currently bulldozing a path to the area, which is located far from any transportation access.

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    As long as Marijuana is illegal the Mexican cartels will continue to grow in the United States Colorado has driven the prise for the product down so low the cartels can’t operate the same in Washington, Montana , Oregon, new York , Washington DC , nevada, Arizona and 8 more states the federal government if not part of Mexican cartels will decreminlize and make Marijuana legal to persons over the age of 18 it has to happen now.