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Bikini-clad women sue over cavity search for cannabis

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Heading back home from the beach, two women were pulled over on Texas Highway 288 in Brazoria county and subjected to body cavity searches.

A dash cam recorded the altercation after Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle were pulled over for speeding.

Both women were still in their bikinis when an officer asked them to step out of the vehicle after he claimed to have smelled cannabis. Hamilton asked to put on a dress before getting out but was denied her request.

After both women were removed from the car, highway patrolman Nathaniel Turner called for a female trooper, Jennie Bui, who performed the body cavity searches on both women. Turner reportedly found a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle.

According to KHOU where the video can be viewed, Hamilton is heard on the dash cam video stating “are you serious” to Bui who replies “if you hid something in there, we’re going to find it” as she begins to search Hamilton’s private parts.

Nothing was found during the course of the cavity search. The women claim that Bui did not change gloves in between the searches.

While one of the women is charged with possession of marijuana, they have both filed a federal lawsuit against the officers involved.

Jennie Bui has been fired, while Nathaniel Turner has been suspended during an internal investigation.

“The department does not and will not tolerate any conduct that violates the U.S. and Texas constitutions, or DPS training or policy,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw.

By: Stephen Carter
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