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Blog: Colorado Budtender Says Hell No To Legal Cannabis in Texas

We took a trip to southern Colorado a few weeks back and were searching for the nearest recreational dispensary to the house we rented.

Alamosa had 5 places listed in the Weedmaps app.


It turns out they are all medical only so that doesn’t help us Texas residents.

One store gave us the card to the only recreational shop within about 75 miles.

So off we went.

As I walked in to the dispensary, he noticed my purple “Legalize Texas” hoodie and said “Hell no or I’ll be out of a job!”.

What does that mean?

We stood at the counter talking for a while and he said most of their business was from Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

His fear was this store in the middle of nowhere Colorado might shut down if out-of-state customers didn’t make the long (but worthwhile) trek to spend their money on legal cannabis.

You know, he’s probably right.

It would certainly impact their store and many other businesses.

Green tourism coming to beautiful Colorado is a huge economic boom for the state.

A recent survey shows cannabis laws impacted as many as 49% of Colorado tourists, according to DenverPost.com.

“A study commissioned by the Colorado Tourism Office and presented to the office’s board of directors on Wednesday shows legal weed as a growing motivator for trips to Colorado — conflicting with the mantra of tourism officials statewide that savvy marketing alone is responsible for record visitation and spending in the past two years.” 

Have you visited Colorado because of their recreational cannabis laws?

Would you go there if Texas had the same laws?

Let us know in the comments.

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  1. rickyb
    April 22, 2016 at 1:18 am

    If you’ve ever grown your own, you would realize that all the negative propaganda surrounding cannabis is only theory. Everyone needs to take an active participatory role in the production of their own medicine/recreational product in order to enjoy the wonderful effects of this God given herb.