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Blog: Iowa’s CBD-Only Law Turns Parents into Interstate Drug Traffickers

Today (July 1), Iowa’s law to encourage and protect interstate federal drug traffickers goes into effect!

Iowa is one of the dozen states that have passed so-called “CBD-Only” medical marijuana laws. One overlooked aspect is that Iowa’s CBD-Only law provides no way for parents to acquire the CBD oil in their home state. Parents instead must travel to a state with CBD oil and bring it back into Iowa, where their possession of it will be legal.

The Iowa Press-Citizen tells the story of the Stumpf Family, whose daughter Quinn suffers daily seizures and pain. The parents, April & Chad, first have to have Quinn treated by a neurologist who will certify that they’ve tried every other possible remedy for Quinn with no success. Only after every treatment and pharmaceutical drug has been tried will the state of Iowa allow April & Chad to register to possess a medical cannabis product that doesn’t get people “high”.

With that hurdle cleared, the Stumpfs now are planning a trip to Colorado by car, which is a ten-hour drive across Nebraska. They can’t fly from Des Moines to Denver and back because the airports ban possession of marijuana. However, once in Colorado, they will find they can’t just walk into a recreational pot shop and buy mass quantities of CBD oil. They will have to get a medical marijuana card for Quinn, which requires three months of residency and meeting tougher standards for a child than for an adult.

Read more: http://radicalruss.com/iowas-cbd-only-law-turns-parents-into-interstate-drug-traffickers/

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