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Blog: Texas Embraces the Culture of Weed

Texans marching through downtown Fort Worth to promote reforming marijuana laws.
Texans marching through downtown Fort Worth to promote reforming marijuana laws.

Marijuana and the icons who promote it are popular in our culture.

Tom Petty just wants to roll another joint, while people joyfully sing along with Hank Williams Jr. answering proudly why he rolls smoke. People want to just chill out while Ben Harper burns one down, and everyone laughs at Afro Man because he got high. Even the oldies get in on things as Cab Calloway talks about the reefer man and Ray Charles says we should all get stoned.

Reverend Horton Heat has an entire song pretty much dedicated to the word marijuana, and Bob Dylan sang about it too saying everybody must get stoned. Ozzy Osbourne talked about his love for sweet leaf too. Neil Young wanted to roll another for the road, and no one wonders what exactly Puff the Magic Dragon is about.

The Zac Brown Band wants to roll a big fat one and grab their guitar and play. Who hasn’t grooved to Bob Marley?

willienelsonWhile Snoop Dog is all about the weed, the Texas hippie Willie Nelson has him beat. Willie’s even going to open up his own marijuana stores and brand his own strains. This is despite Toby Keith saying he’ll never smoke weed with Willie again.

There’s a lot more, with an entire list of comedians who told the truth about society and talked up cannabis including the great George Carlin and Robin Williams, along with many top scientists and business owners which have made our nation more advanced and prosperous, but do we really need to go on?

More Texans than not love these people and the value they create.

Most don’t see marijuana as a big deal, and for those who do think it is, they usually have no qualms sipping their alcoholic beverage while talking down to others about it. Not that there’s a problem with an alcoholic beverage, most would love to sit at a social function and have a drink while enjoying some cannabis.

Hundreds and thousands turn out to pro-marijuana rallies and events all over the state, even those who don’t think you should consume marijuana still say that the law is bad.

DSC_0293Polls show 77 percent of Texans want our marijuana laws changed, but polls don’t even do us justice because some people are still afraid to admit to others that they think the law needs to change. Some are still so afraid that they won’t even visit this website for fear that they’ll receive a visit from the police or be added to some sort of watch list.

There are 16.7 million eligible voters in Texas, which puts “marijuana friendly” voter totals at almost 13 million. That leaves about 3.7 million people who oppose changing the law, and over 90 percent of that group is active in the political process.

To put that into perspective, 4.6 million people voted in the last governor election, and far fewer voted in races for Texas House and Senate.

A very small minority of people are not only controlling our political process, but perpetuating a policy which brings destruction to people in our state. Texas has one of the worst voter turnout rates in the country.

Texas is primed and ready to usher in a near era where marijuana is embraced all the same as alcohol. We already celebrate it within our culture, widely so by those who don’t even partake. No doubt it’s far less dangerous than alcohol, and truth be told marijuana is already here, we just need to make the move to bring it out of the black market.

A record 11 bills pertaining to cannabis are in the legislature this year, including medical marijuana, penalty reductions, and hemp legalization.

There are 8,760 hours in a year. Surely we can take at least an hour out of our time each year to contact legislators about the need to pass these bills, and to head to the voting booth to cast a ballot.

By: Stephen Carter

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