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Blog: Texas Mother With Lupus and Scoliosis Finds Pain Relief in Colorado

Emily and her family
Emily and her family

Emily and her family recently took a trip from San Antonio to Colorado for the first time in search of some much needed pain relief.

I saw her Facebook posts during the trip and decided to reach out to understand her experience in a legal cannabis state.

Why did you decide to go to Colorado?

I am at the point in my life where I am starting to feel like I am constantly failing at everything.

I am always so tired and in so much pain that it becomes this panic sometimes at the end of the day that tomorrow isn’t going to be any better.

I’ve heard so many people talk about how cannabis has given them a better quality of life and I wanted to see if it lived up to all the hype.

What causes you pain?

I have Lupus so that causes a fair amount of inflammation and muscle pain thru out my body. I also have had arthritis, CFS, and Reynaulds since 2nd grade.

But most of my every day pain is due to my scoliosis. My spine is shaped like an S and is causing certain muscles to over compensate for others to the point that they are in constant spasms.

Last year an x-ray showed osteoarthritis and a recent MRI confirmed I have degenerative Spondylosis. The doctor said I have the spine of an 80 year old.

How was your first experience inside a cannabis dispensary?

It was really overwhelming!

It is so bizarre to just walk into a business and be able to purchase something that you have been told is illegal your whole life.

The first dispensary we went into I felt like I couldn’t even process what was happening. They asked what I was looking for and I briefly explained my medical conditions and that I really didn’t want anything that was going to make me feel tired or “stoned” if that was possible. The bud tender was really knowledgable and showed me a couple of different products to choose from.

None were the typical cannabis flowers that people usually associate with marijuana.

What medical cannabis products did you use while you were in Colorado?

I purchased a transdermal patch CBD/THC 1:1 as well as a cannabis infused pain relief salve.

The first morning I put the patch on my wrist and kind of forgot about it. A few hours later I had gone over to the top of Dercum Mountain with my family to watch the kids go snow tubing and I started to notice that I didn’t have any pain.

I wasn’t sitting off to the side watching everyone have fun… I was actually able to participate.

It was amazing.

When I realized that this was actually working for me I was filled with so much hope.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

It was nice to know what normal feels like.

I went back and purchased a patch to where for every day of our trip after that and I was able to hike, run around with my kids, take them to the playground, and actually enjoy everything.

I never once felt “high” or experienced any other side effect. It really exceeded my expectations.

The salve worked great on my neck. When I wake up in the mornings my neck is very stiff and hurts. I rubbed some on every morning and it gave me a lot of relief. The salve did have a bit of an odor though.

I noticed the patched helped a lot with my anxiety as well. Since I’m in so much pain I tend to be more on the anxious side. Especially during physical activities because I do have some medical issues with my heart. But I never once thought about it.

It was true freedom and relief.

Will the 2015 Texas Compassionate Use Act help you?

Absolutely not.

I have a 3 year old with epilepsy and it is not even going to help him.

In my eyes Texas does not have a cannabis law. Its hard not to be really angry at Texas at this point.

The laws here killed my mother in law last year. Literally.

People are still suffering and dying and the state of Texas is doing nothing to stop it.

Would you ever move to a medical cannabis state?

Yes, we are actively looking at different places to move.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I just want people to realize that the war on drugs is really a war on the sick and dying.

What kind of a world do we live in that you can go to jail for using a plant to help heal diseases or stop seizures but its perfectly ok to take pharmaceuticals that impair judgement, cause liver damage, and cause addiction that can result in death?

This isn’t about “smoking weed.”

I don’t want to get high… I just want to live.

If this was about getting high I’d be content here in Texas seeing my doctor and getting opioids thrown at me left and right.

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