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Border agents seize 613 pounds of dangerous weed

Dangerous brick weed confiscated at the border this week.
Dangerous brick weed confiscated at the border this week.

With all of the major hauls that the border patrol seizes each week, several tons out the tens of tons which get by, a 613 pound cannabis bust typically isn’t newsworthy.

In this case, a man bringing farm equipment across the border was sent to a secondary inspection area where upon closer inspection agents found what they figure to be about $614,000 worth of brick weed.

What caught my eye for this particular bust was what a Port Director Michael Freeman based in Brownsville had to say about it.

“This load of dangerous drugs has been intercepted at the border as a direct result of the outstanding work our CBP officers do on the frontlines in protection of our nation.”

The only thing dangerous about this is the fact that it serves to enrich the drug cartels and waste border patrol agents’ time. The plant itself though, much less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. If you want to protect the nation, legalizing cannabis is the only logical step.

Just another drug warrior trying to justify his job and likely a person who is all too happy to mislead the public when it comes to the subject of cannabis and the drug war in general, a war in which 82% of people believe is a lost cause.

Buy local.

By: Stephen Carter
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