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Candidates for vacant Houston based Texas Senate seat give views on marijuana legalization in Lone Star State

With early voting underway for the special election regarding the vacant Texas Senate District 4 seat, yourhoustonnews.com was able to inquire about the candidates’ stances on the legalization of marijuana in the Lone Star State.

Brandon Creighton, Gordy Bunch, Michael Galloway, and Steve Toth are the four candidates running for the vacant spot.

All four individuals were asked to give their stance on two subjects: casino gambling in Texas and whether or not marijuana should be legalized in Texas.

“I am opposed to the legalization of casino gambling and marijuana in Texas,” Galloway said. “I believe the social cost far outweighs any perceived benefit.”

Others running for the position tend to agree with Galloway’s stance.

“I am opposed to casino gambling in Texas,” Creighton said. “I also oppose the legalization of marijuana in Texas.”

Toth did not immediately reply to requests for comments by yourhoustonnews.com.

Bunch, meanwhile, was the only one of the four candidates to take a more open-minded stance on marijuana.

“I do not support casino gambling or legalized marijuana,” Bunch said. “As a decorated veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, I served on the front lines to stop drug smugglers and human traffickers. Drug use and gambling can be linked to increased criminal activity which Texas doesn’t need to attract.

“I would support lessening the criminal level of marijuana crimes to mitigate the strain on Texas prisons and work toward a rehabilitation strategy versus incarceration.”

Early voting began April 28, and Election Day for the race will be held on May 10; both Republican and Democrat registered voters can vote for the position.

By: Denton Ramsey

Denton Ramsey, a cannabis columnist and activist for many years, hosts a podcast called CannaTruths (available for free on iTunes) and may be reached via email at CannaTruths@gmail.com

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    Vote for none who don’t recognize freedom. Right to Life,Liberty,and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is the real issue or are we communist and live in Nazi Germany!

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    Stop the insanity. Unchainthetree.com