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Cannabis fitness group fights stoner stereotype in Texas

Team Hope through Cannabis (THC) fights to dispel the lazy stoner stereotype.
Team Hope through Cannabis (THC) fights to dispel the lazy stoner stereotype.

Pot smoking and laziness are often thought to go hand in hand and when you talk to people who don’t know a lot about the culture of cannabis consumers, the couch potato is often the portrayal they have in mind.

Team Hope through Cannabis (THC), a sub-group of Texas NORML which came to fruition in the middle of 2012, sought to break through this perception by showing legislators and Texas as a whole that cannabis users are not lazy, idle people.

While there’s truth to the idea that some consumers are lazy, as many people are with or without cannabis use, there are many who are athletes, sports fans, runners, and just regular people.

The group primarily participates in runs and walks around Austin, including 5K’s and 10K’s and also goes to various sporting events.

Their latest event was on July 13 at the Austin Aztex final home soccer match.

Each event averages about 10 people for the THC team.

When asked what they believe their group has accomplished with their presence and activities, organizer Greg Ryan stated “I believe that THC has spread awareness of and support for marijuana policy reform in the state of Texas, as well as successfully fought against the ‘stoner stereotype’. Numerous people have approached us at fitness and athletics events around Austin. This gives us the opportunity to tell people about marijuana policy reform efforts and encourage them to contact their legislators.”

He continued, “additionally, running and being active refutes the commonly held belief that stoners are lazy, inactive people. The less people who believe marijuana makes you lazy, the more swiftly inevitable reform will happen.”

Others have had a lot of fun participating in the events and encourage others to come out and join them. One of the participants, Tracy, stated “getting involved with THC is a great thing to do because it’s fun, good for you, helps you meet like-minded people, and accelerates the process of marijuana policy reform.”

Of course not everyone can make it out to Austin for these sort of events, but that hasn’t stopped others from getting active either considering that DFW NORML will be holding a disc golf tournament in August.

Many people have already busted the myth, including Olympic swimming gold medalist Michael Phelps, and while they’re not athletes, quite a few successful business leaders including Richard Branson are proving that just because you consume cannabis, it doesn’t mean you are unsuccessful or lazy.

Studies have shown that exercise and nutritional eating also enhance the effects of cannabis on the body, which is all the more reason for people to get out and get active. Evidence also points to cannabis consumers being slimmer and that its effects help control blood sugar regulation.

For those interested in participating or just keeping up with the group, they can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TeamTHCTexasNORML and also at the Texas NORML website http://texasnorml.org/thc/.

Information about the group and upcoming events can be obtained by emailing athletics@texasnorml.org

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