Those in their golden years are increasingly becoming consumers of marijuana. One group of seniors in Texas doesn’t believe they should have to hide in fear because of a law which they say is time to change.

Residents of Waco responded strongly to a rally on Thursday in favor of changing marijuana laws.

After six months of waiting and push-back from the Texas Department of Transportation, a non-profit marijuana advocacy group in Nacogdoches has officially adopted a highway.

At the southern most tip of Texas, marijuana activism has begun establishing a foothold. In the Rio Grande Valley, a stretch along the Rio Grande river separating Texas from Mexico which is described as a conservative Democratic-leaning area, about 1.3 million people call it home. It is also a hotspot

Moments of tears, pleading, desperation, and stories of perseverance marked six hours of testimony in support of medical marijuana in Texas. Over 70 came forward to testify, and no one spoke in opposition. Those testimonies at the Texas House Public Health Committee hearing in April were each on record, recorded

One Texan took it upon himself to post up at the capitol in Austin earlier this month and inform people that a law in Texas is harming both children and adults. Arthur Mayer, a 63-year-old Christian and activist who lives in Burleson, decided that he would head to the capitol

Mothers of autistic children were in Austin last week to speak with legislators about the need for a medical marijuana program in Texas.

Residents of Nacogdoches will be holding a marijuana rally this coming weekend after an encouraging rally was held back in February. Nacogdoches NORML, a sub-chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, recently became a non-profit earlier this year, and since then have held several events, even

Women as a group have been key players in many civil rights movements, and were instrumental in ending alcohol prohibition. Now a group of women are working to end the prohibition of marijuana. Elisabeth Rodriguez has been a part of the movement to reform marijuana laws in Texas for several

A group which has been holding banner drops on overpasses around the Dallas/Fort Worth area was approached by the Dallas Sheriff’s Department and told they had to take their banner down. The DFW Medical Marijuana Bridge Brigade was on the Preston Bridge over the George Bush Turn Pike displaying a

Marijuana activist groups from all over the state kicked off St. Patrick’s Day weekend with events to raise awareness for the need to change cannabis laws in Texas. Two years ago the Dallas/Fort worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was discriminated against and ultimately

Both patients and mothers of sick children are headed to Austin later this month to lobby legislators for medical marijuana. Already this year there have been lobby events concerning the topic of marijuana, with a lobby day in February drawing about 300 people. A group called the Patient Alliance for

El Paso will be experiencing a marijuana protest rally this weekend. Dubbing it a “March for Reefer Madness” organizers are expecting around 150 people to show up and join in on a rally to support marijuana penalty reductions and full legalization in Texas.

Despite the rainy cold weather, a marijuana reform rally still drew a crowd in Tyler today. Around 100 people showed up to the event which had to be moved inside at the last minute due to weather conditions. With standing room only, the crowd listened to several speakers talk about the need to