When you think of the word community, what does it mean to you? Do images of folks helping folks during a time of crisis or disaster come to mind? What about a big picnic where everyone contributes something to the meal to share with others? Or how about a gathering

Deputy B.A. Collier Harris County Sheriff's Office

I was walking out of the Fry’s Electronics on the North Freeway in Harris County on a Friday afternoon when I noticed someone near my vehicle. I assumed it was some fans taking selfies. People often approach me and ask to take a photo or a selfie of the Houston

Emily and her family recently took a trip from San Antonio to Colorado for the first time in search of some much needed pain relief.

We took a trip to southern Colorado a few weeks back and were searching for the nearest recreational dispensary to the house we rented.


Recently a journalism student from Southern Methodist University reached out Texas Cannabis Report for an interview as part of a class research project. I was happy to answer some well formed questions.

The Flower Mound Area Republican Club recently hosted a panel discussion entitled “Marijuana: The Meltdown of our Country” and we brought you coverage of the event. Now we present to you just the facts of what was discussed that evening.

Zoe Russell of Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition pens an open letter to Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman regarding the recent full body cavity search of a woman over the scent of marijuana.

After 4 years of doctors, surgeries, and pain medicine it was time to try something new. We packed up the whole family and drove to Colorado for a 2 week test run to see if cannabis oil could fix my wife’s back pain. To say the results were shocking is

Marijuana users are frequently given the advice to never chat or “cooperate” with law enforcement, and there’s no better example of why not than Crystal Munoz, currently in her 7th year of incarceration on a 19 year, 10 month sentence.

What does it mean to liberalize the marijuana laws in Texas? When asked if people would be interested in doing such a thing, this question could be interpreted in many ways, and could invoke strong feelings in a person if they have an interest in politics.

The story of Weldon Angelos perfectly illustrates what can happen with an out-of-control federal system of justice that over zealously focuses on cannabis, often at the expense of actual crimes with real victims. Despite having no prior convictions, Angelos received a sentence of 55 years and one day for selling

Life in prison. Without possibility of parole. For a nonviolent marijuana offense. Let the reality of that sink in for a minute. No, this isn’t happening in some backwards, third world country. It is happening right here in the United States of America. Some marijuana lifers have been warehoused away

Colorado was the first state in the U.S. to re-legalize marijuana back in 2012. As Texas marks 100 years of cannabis prohibition this year, it’s an excellent time for this Texan to visit the land of legalization.

Marijuana and the icons who promote it are popular in our culture. Tom Petty just wants to roll another joint, while people joyfully sing along with Hank Williams Jr. answering proudly why he rolls smoke. People want to just chill out while Ben Harper burns one down, and everyone laughs