Medical marijuana can be delivered to patients in Texas, however the legality of it is the question on everyone’s mind.

Medical marijuana, albeit in a limited form, is legal in Texas. It’s more complicated than growing a plant and selling it to patients however.

A marijuana extract experimental drug has been dubbed a success after testing in a number of Texas hospitals.

A penny stock company with no current valuation has pledge $1 million in stock to a California marijuana legalization initiative.

Given marijuana’s federal legal status, banks and other financial institutions have been unwilling to do business with those involved in the cannabis industry.

A fresh juice and smoothie business in Austin has come up with a hemp-based drink which will see half of its proceeds go to a local non-profit marijuana organization.

Women Grow, a national professional network supporting female leaders and entrepreneurs in the emerging marijuana industry, will be launching a Dallas chapter later this month.

Most cannabis companies and head shop owners agree the best way to win a customer is get them in the store (or on the website) for a firsthand experience and spend their first dollar. Communication is changing today and even though we are more connected as a society, we are

Women Grow is slated to launch a new chapter in Austin next month and is planning a heavy lineup of influential speakers at their inaugural event.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has settled a case with two defendants in a medical marijuana stock manipulation scheme.

The Austin-based grocer Whole Foods Market has publicly endorsed hemp legalization in Texas. A supermarket chain specializing in organic food which first opened in 1980, several hemp products can be found in their stores. According to a recent statement by Errol Schweizer, “Whole Foods Market is excited to hear about

The Texas Hemp Industries Association (TXHIA) has announced the hosting of their inaugural event at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin where they will be screening a hemp documentary entitled “Bringing It Home.” The event will also feature guest speakers from Texas based hemp businesses, along with an update on hemp

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a non-profit trade association consisting of hundreds of hemp businesses, has released final estimates of the size of the 2014 U.S. retail market for hemp products. Data from market research supports an estimate of total retail sales of hemp food and body care products in

Hemp can be imported and sold in Texas, but it cannot be grown in the Lone Star State. That could be changing this year. A versatile plant which consumes half the water of cotton while producing 250 percent more fiber, grows in most soil, and is used in over 25,000 products,