A political guide is now available which shows many Texas candidates’ position on marijuana law reform.

Voting in the Texas primaries is very easy and simple, here’s some things you should expect along with a little information about how it works.

Travis County Sheriff candidate Sally Her­nandez has released a plan that would call for the de-prioritization of first time marijuana offender arrests.

Statewide elections were held in Texas today, however of the seven issues being voted on, none of them pertain to marijuana.

After failing twice to obtain enough votes to hold a board member election, DFW NORML will consider changing their quorum requirements at their next board meeting. The non-profit’s by-laws require 30 percent of members to vote in order for an election to become official. Both attempts late last year fell

New officers have been elected to the Board of Directors for DFW NORML. After failing to obtain the minimum number of votes to sustain a quorum in October, which amounted to around 326, the non-profit organization based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was able to successfully elect their new officers

Marijuana legislation received a majority vote in nearly every election it was featured in yesterday. Now we have two new fully legal states plus the nation’s capital, and medical marijuana in a U.S. territory. Several other measures decided on decriminalization and how to regulate marijuana.

After months of back and forth in an elected centered around changing how the judicial system in Harris County would treat those caught with marijuana, incumbent Devon Anderson has held off Democratic challenger Kim Ogg for the win. Anderson, the Republican candidate, came out on top with 53 percent of

Add Oregon to the list for fully legalized marijuana. Voters there have made it the third state to legalize cannabis, and they join Washington, DC today in passing legalization measures. With a 57 to 42 percent lead, the measure is certain to pass.

A vote to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has failed to pass after garnering about 57 percent of the vote. While a majority of voters approved of Amendment 2, state law requires a super-majority of support, 60 percent or higher, so the ballot initiative failed to pass.

Residents of the nation’s capital have voted to fully legalize marijuana for recreational consumption. NPR is reporting that as of 9:09 p.m. ET, supporters of the Washington D.C.’s ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana have a 65-29.5 percent lead, and the measure is set to pass.

The U.S. island territory of Guam has voted to pass medical marijuana legislation today. Reporting by Russ Belville from 420Radio News has 56 of 58 precincts confirmed that Guam has passed Proposal 14A, a medical marijuana law referred by the legislature to voters. The vote stands at 18,674 YES to

The polls open at at 7 a.m. today and they will close at 7 p.m.; most will not vote. Very few people decide an election, especially in a non-presidential election year. Most people feel like their vote doesn’t matter, and that is what allows so few people to essentially rule

On October 31st, 2014, Houston NORML held a fundraiser in the Greater Heights area of Houston. The theme, Halloweed 2014: Candidates, Costumes, Cannabis, was held the weekend before the midterm elections. Several local candidates running for office spoke to the NORML crowd including Chris Carmona, Republican for Texas House District