On October 31st, 2014, Houston NORML held a fundraiser in the Greater Heights area of Houston. The theme, Halloweed 2014: Candidates, Costumes, Cannabis, was held the weekend before the midterm elections. Several local candidates running for office spoke to the NORML crowd including Chris Carmona, Republican for Texas House District

Election day is Tuesday, November 4 and many will head to the polls and have their vote influenced by a candidate’s stance on changing marijuana laws. A high turnout in Texas very well could tip the scales if cannabis issue voters show up. One election which everyone has their eyes

DFW NORML is preparing for round two of a board member election due to a low turnout rate at the polls this past weekend. While officials are still tallying the numbers, it appears that they will fall well short of the 326 needed to make the election official. The group’s

Kevin Smith is seeking election as DFW NORML’s Compliance Officer. He has been involved with the organization since April of 2014. This is his first time to seek election. He has not held any duties.

Dean Bortell is seeking election as DFW NORML’s Public Information Officer. He has been active with DFW NORML for almost a year and this is his first time seeking election within the organization. Bortell is a disabled military veteran and currently works as a software engineer.

It’s election time, and not just for the politicians! DFW NORML will be holding elections for seats on their board of directors this coming Saturday. There are five seats up for grabs, including Director of Operations, Director of Marketing, Secretary, Public Information Officer, and Compliance Officer.

Andrea Brown is seeking election as DFW NORML’s Secretary. She currently serves as Secretary and has held the position twice since joining the organization in April of 2011. Her first term was from 2011-2012, and again from 2013 to current. In between her terms as Secretary, she held the Treasurer position.

David Sloane is seeking election as DFW NORML’s Public Information Officer. He currently serves as Public Information Officer and has held the position since 2010. Sloane joined national NORML in 1987 and the National Legislative Committee in 1997. Sloane is a criminal defense lawyer by trade and has been practicing

Two candidates vying for the Texas Senate District 31 seat have a lot in common, however they quickly diverge when it comes to their views on marijuana. In a race which spans 37 counties from the panhandle to the permian basin, Republican Sen. Kel Seliger and Libertarian Steven Gibson of

NORML PAC is endorsing Representative Beto O’Rourke (TX-16) for re-election the the US House of Representatives. “Rep. O’Rourke is an ardent supporter of reforming our nation’s marijuana policies,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri. “In just his first term, he has proven to be an intelligent and pragmatic politician with

Major news has been pouring out of Houston lately about plans to implement marijuana law enforcement reforms by getting rid of jail time and arrests. Both the District Attorney Devon Anderson and her Democratic opponent Kim Ogg have been squaring off for the general election in November with their own

A taxpayer-funded television station has opted to exclude one of the candidates for Texas governor. That candidate also happens to be the only one fully supportive of legalizing marijuana. KERA Vice President of News Rick Holter has informed Kathie Glass that his Public Broadcast System (PBS) station in Dallas will

After extensive contact with candidates running for all levels of government across the state, Texas NORML has released its 2014 voters’ guide. The non-profit sub-chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws surveyed candidates on a variety of marijuana related issues and compiled the responses into a

It’s an election year, and not just for the politicians in Texas. The Dallas/Fort Worth non-profit marijuana reform group DFW NORML will be hosting elections in October for their board of directors. Up for election are five positions, including Director of Operations, Director of Marketing, Secretary, Public Information Officer, and