In a response to a Dallas Morning News survey, Rep. Tan Parker signal his support for medical marijuana in Texas. The Republican from Flower Mound states that he’d be open to a tightly written medical marijuana amendment which could be put on the ballot in 2015 if passed by the

Pro-marijuana candidate Kerry McKennon finished fifth in the special state senate election for District 28 in Texas. In all, 42,789 votes were cast in a matchup which featured a total of six candidates, four of which were Republicans. The other two included a Democrat and McKennon, who is a Libertarian.

No matter who wins this November, a change in marijuana policy at the Houston-based district attorney’s office is almost certain. With two candidates squaring off for the Harris County position, both females, the incumbent a Republican, each has announced their interest in taking a step towards changing how low level

Running for the open Texas Senate seat District 28, Libertarian Party candidate Kerry McKennon successfully made the ballot this past week for the September 9 special election which encompasses much of northwest Texas. The Petersburg native has already received coverage from My Fox Lubbock about his campaign. Texas Cannabis Report

In what’s believed to be a first for a political campaign in Oregon, New Approach Oregon has announced they will be accepting the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for campaign donations.

In less than 75 days, the DC Cannabis Campaign has collected more than twice the number signatures required to place Initiative 71 on November’s General Election ballot. However, the Campaign is alarmed that members of Congress may prevent District voters from being able to vote on the ballot initiative due

Oklahoma state Sen. Constance Johnson announced the filing of a statewide initiative petition to legalize marijuana, telling supporters that the campaign is based on Genesis 1:29, which suggests that God created “this wonderful, miraculous plant.”

Newly released polling results in Oregon show that a majority supports legalizing cannabis, adding to speculation that a measure to do just that will pass this fall.

Preliminary reports show that Democratic candidate Jim Hogan has secured enough votes to win the nomination for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, sliding into a spot many thought would go to Kinky Friedman.

With early voting underway for the special election regarding the vacant Texas Senate District 4 seat, yourhoustonnews.com was able to inquire about the candidates’ stances on the legalization of marijuana in the Lone Star State.

This past weekend the Libertarian Party of Texas held their state convention to nominate state-wide candidates. Staff with the Texas Cannabis Report was on hand to not only cover, but also participate in the convention itself. Support for cannabis legalization has always been strong in the Libertarian Party and this

There were so many cannabis related activities going on around Texas this weekend and their success added to the mountain of reasons why marijuana will soon be legal in The Lone Star State.

Historically, only 6-8% of voters participate in the Texas primary elections. The primary elections determine who will represent the Democratic and Republican parties when they face off in the November 4 general elections. By voting in the primaries, you have enormous influence over who will be chosen to represent your

Texas musician, writer, raconteur and occasional politician Kinky Friedman discussed his candidacy for Texas agriculture commissioner with about 90 attendees Tuesday night at Johnson County Democratic Headquarters in Cleburne. “If I can win the [Democratic] primary I figure I can win the general election because of independent support,” Friedman said.