Reefer Madness the musical is returning to the Art Centre Theatre in Plano after a successful run this past year.

Gamers will soon find their skills put to use raising money to produce and air the very first television commercial supporting marijuana in Texas.

Tucked away in Plano’s business district is a community theater which offers aspiring local actors and actresses the opportunity to sharpen their skills and put their talents on display. Right now, they’re performing a little musical called Reefer Madness, and it induces nearly non-stop laughter.

The Art Centre Theatre in Plano will run a two week musical production of “Reefer Madness.”

Press Release: They toke. They smoke. They joke. They’re “Four Twentysomethings.” Hardworking slackers Robert Kaval, Steven Hugh Nelson, and Steve Scapardine premiere their original series on YouTube on Monday, April 20 at 4:20 a.m. CT. Please, don’t call it a web series – it sounds more professional this way.

A documentary about reporters covering the marijuana beat during Colorado’s first year of legalization will be shown at the South by Southwest festival in Austin this year. Entitled “Rolling Papers” the documentary is described as “in 2014, recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado. With all eyes on ground zero of

Three grandmothers in Washington are smoking cannabis for the first time in their lives. “No I’ve never smoked marijuana, I was too busy raising children.” “I was a suburban housewife, and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails, and we were happy Watch the three minute clip below of them

Happy Halloweed! And no, that’s not a typo. Stoners love getting into the spirit and dressing up for Halloween just as much as anyone else.

What makes a movie worth watching for a stoner on Halloween? It’s a combination of weed, horror, trippiness, getting in the seasonal spirit, and just being a good flick in general. Check out our staff’s top five movies a stoner should watch on Halloween. Don’t forget to vote on your