A recently introduced whole plant medical marijuana is probably “dead in the House” according to Rep. Myra Crownover, a Republican from Denton. HB 3785 has not yet been assigned to committee, but other medical marijuana bills have been referred to the House Public Health committee now headed by Rep. Crownover.

Both patients and mothers of sick children are headed to Austin later this month to lobby legislators for medical marijuana. Already this year there have been lobby events concerning the topic of marijuana, with a lobby day in February drawing about 300 people. A group called the Patient Alliance for

A little girl has found relief from her seizures after moving from Texas to Colorado. Alexis Bortell, who has become a very big part of the medical marijuana movement in the Lone Star State, has been a Texas girl for 9 years of her life, and she still considers herself

It was revealed near the beginning of his trial that Eddie Routh had tested positive for marijuana when he killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Routh was on a cocktail of prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana at the time of the killings each side claims, all of which were due

Seeking the right to use medicine which is legal in 23 other states, patients from around Texas will be heading to Austin this week to speak with legislators about the need for a medical marijuana program. Headed up by the Patient Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, those who are suffering hope

A bill filed which would allow for medical marijuana in Texas with a very low THC content has been moved to the Health and Human Services committee in the senate. It had previously been referred to State Affairs. Introduced by Sen. Kevin Eltife, a Republican from Tyler, SB 339 would

A patient advocacy group is saying that the current CBD-only medical marijuana legislation filed in the Texas legislature does not go far enough, which severely limits who can use cannabis as medicine. While the Patient Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics has said they will stay neutral on the legislation, they’ve found

With almost 20 million veterans in the U.S., Texas is home to 1.5 million of them. Now the Lone Star State is looking at medical marijuana to help veterans cope with debilitating issues, including PTSD. Almost half of the U.S. population has access to medical marijuana. Just over 47 percent

A recent study has checked the homework of another study which proclaimed that daily marijuana use was associated with brain abnormalities and has found it to be incorrect. Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the new study says that the results indicate that, when carefully controlling for alcohol use, gender,

A rally for medical marijuana is happening in Fort Worth, and organizers are out to show that there’s a need for medical professionals to start talking about the medicinal possibilities of cannabis. Dubbed the Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally, the non-profit group DFW NORML is inviting doctors, patients, and parents to

A  different kind of medical marijuana bill has been filed in Texas. Senator Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler) filed SB 339 and Representative Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth) filed HB 892, both relating to the medical use of low-THC cannabis. The bill would permit medical marijuana to be grown, but only strains which possess

Alan Caruthers, of Waco, says he was 18 years old the first and last time he tried marijuana. It didn’t do much for him. Until this year, he saw no reason to try it again, and he dismissed arguments for decriminalizing it as pothead talk. **This article is posted in

Texas NORML will be hosting a seminar to discuss marijuana and its effectiveness for helping manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The group will also talk about the upcoming medical marijuana bill.

Replenishing the supply of a molecule that normally activates cannabinoid receptors in the brain could relieve mood and anxiety disorders and enable some people to quit using marijuana, a Vanderbilt University study suggests. Cannabinoid receptors are normally activated by compounds in the brain called endocannabinoids, the most abundant of which