A bill has been introduced to Congress which would allow doctors with Veterans’ Affairs to recommend medical marijuana for military veterans in states where cannabis consumption is medically legal. Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Dana Rohrabacher of California have introduced the bill as co-sponsors in an effort to make

A recent study is touting the success of combining active ingredients in cannabis with radiation to better fight brain tumors. Using Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) researchers observed dramatic reductions in tumor volumes when both cannabinoids were used with irradiation.

Two founding doctors in a new Houston biotech firm will participate in a medical marijuana Q&A session at the University of Houston. Dr. Elias Jackson, co-founder and president of Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals, and Dr. David J. Yang, former Chief of Radiotheranostic at the Department of Cancer Systems Imaging at the MD

The effects of chronic marijuana use on the brain may depend on age of first use and duration of use, according to researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas. In a paper published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers

To see the video Alexis’ father made about her story, find it at the bottom of this article. Alexis is my eight year old daughter who has ‘generalized epilepsy’, which essentially is a diagnosis for seizures of unknown origin. Our story starts late one evening in July 2013 when my

Two mothers in Texas are now lobbying for medical marijuana after seeing positive results in other states which have allowed children with seizures to be treated with cannabis. Jeannie Camp and Michelle Bartlett are two mothers who are hoping cannabis oil might be the treatment that, if it doesn’t bring

People have been using cannabis to help manage their symptoms resulting from Crohn’s Disease for quite some time now. A newly released paper adds evidence to support marijuana’s efficacy for sufferers of the disease. The journal Pharmacology published a new paper titled ‘Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn’s

A recently released survey shows that not only do a strong majority of doctors support medical marijuana, but more of them than consumers themselves believe it should be legal. The survey of more than 1,500 doctors and nearly 3,000 consumers found that 69 percent of doctors said medical marijuana can

A study conducted by the University of Alicante in Spain found that compounds in marijuana may help to slow down vision loss caused by retinitis pigmentosa, or RP.

Today (July 1), Iowa’s law to encourage and protect interstate federal drug traffickers goes into effect! Iowa is one of the dozen states that have passed so-called “CBD-Only” medical marijuana laws. One overlooked aspect is that Iowa’s CBD-Only law provides no way for parents to acquire the CBD oil in

The American Academy of Ophthalmology – the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons – is reminding the public that it does not recommend marijuana or other cannabis products for the treatment of glaucoma.

A new Center for Disease Control and Preventions report on opioid prescriptions points to what many have been saying about the medicinal use of marijuana for a while now; that it decreases the need for opiates in pain management.

Veterans say marijuana is saving lives, but here in Texas, smoking a joint to treat post traumatic stress disorder makes them criminals. Some hope our war heroes will play a role in changing minds at the state capitol. Leaving combat experiences behind is tough. “I don’t believe you can go

For many military veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, their only relief comes from a drug which is illegal in Texas, marijuana. William Martin, director of the Drug Policy Program at the Baker Institute, explores whether or not cannabis can help veterans with PTSD and if the non-toxic plant should be