A recently released study is claiming that over 75% of people who consume cannabis in a medicinal capacity do so in order to stop consuming harmful drugs such as alcohol, prescription medicine, or some other illicit substance.

ter years of hard-fought efforts a coalition of patients, medical professionals, and advocates succeeded in demonstrating the medical safety and efficacy of marijuana for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to the Administrative Law Judge who heard the case. The Arizona Dept. of Health has denied all petitions submitted previously. On

Diagnosed with “mixed dementia” and frontal brain lobe damage, former Texas Longhorns defensive tackle Greg Ploetz had been deteriorating since 2005. In January, he looked at his wife and said: “Deb, please help me. I don’t want to be like this.” By then, he generally didn’t recognize anyone other than

It’s common for people to use marijuana before bed time, whether out of habit or necessity. And decades of research on marijuana and sleep may help explain why. Besides easing insomnia, marijuana seems to have a wide range of effects on sleep. This is because chemicals in marijuana, known as

In their newly released issue, Texas Monthly has put together an article which discusses the use of cannabis in a medicinal capacity to help combat the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Helping contribute to that piece was Tristan Tucker, a Navy veteran who suffers from PTSD. He is also

Parents often wonder how they can steer their kids clear of drugs. Talking about tobacco causing cancer and alcohol causing severe damage to the body and death in some cases is simple enough. When it comes to cannabis though, parents are having to rethink their strategies.

Many patients with arthritis rely on marijuana to manage their pain, and new research offers an explanation. Using rat models of osteoarthritis, scientists at the University of Nottingham found that synthetic cannabinoids could relieve pain by interfering with signals at the spinal cord level. Read more Stay up to date

A new study reveals marijuana users don’t exhibit any loss of working-memory function, which controls our behaviour. The study, carried out over three years, was recently published in Addiction Biology. It found “that sustained moderate to heavy levels of cannabis, nicotine, alcohol and illegal psychotropic substance use do not change

hose who use marijuana may benefit from a reduced chance of stroke, according to a new study. As part of The Stroke Prevention in Young Adults Study, researchers from the University of Maryland analyzed past marijuana use among 751 stroke cases and 813 controls. The results, which spanned 16 years,

A man suffering from debilitating MS has told how he breaks the law every day to rid himself of debilitating pain. Clark French said that using medical marijuana has also increased his chances of living longer. Read more Stay up to date with the latest cannabis news from across Texas

Texas is growing. More and more people move to the Lone Star State every day. There are lots of jobs, a reasonable cost of living and no state income state. But one Houston family is leaving, moving to another state because of something Texas does not offer. It was a

A gene responsible for the effects of marijuana may explain why some people are naturally happier than others, a new study suggests. Read more Stay up to date with the latest cannabis news from across Texas by liking Texas Cannabis Report on Facebook and following on Twitter Listen to our

Correlation does not equal causation, and a single exam cannot show a trend over time. Basic stuff, right? But judging by coverage of a study just out in the Journal of Neuroscience, these are apparently foreign concepts for many folks in the media. In the study, researchers at Boston’s Massachusetts

Toking up may help marijuana users to stay slim and lower their risk of developing diabetes, according to the latest study, which suggests that cannabis compounds may help in controlling blood sugar. Although marijuana has a well-deserved reputation for increasing appetite via what stoners call “the munchies,” the new research,