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Recent studies are showing that both heavy and prolonged alcohol and marijuana consumption can lead to short-term memory issues in middle age.

A political guide is now available which shows many Texas candidates’ position on marijuana law reform.

Voting in the Texas primaries is very easy and simple, here’s some things you should expect along with a little information about how it works.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018 A recent study has checked the homework of another study which proclaimed that daily marijuana use was associated with brain abnormalities and has found it to be incorrect. Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the new study says that the results indicate

Medical marijuana may very well be coming to Texas this year due to the efforts of a coalition of groups. There’s a lot of questions surrounding what the medical cannabis program being pushed will allow, and what won’t be allowed. Texas Cannabis Report sat down with Heather Fazio who is

Marijuana has continued its four year decline in the Big Bend area of Texas while cocaine busts are on the rise. Border Patrol agents located in the sector seized 29,714 pounds of marijuana in 2014, compared with 34,888 pounds in 2013, 50,793 pounds in 2012, and 55,742 pounds in 2011.

Paul Armentano took the time to tackle some anecdotal claims made by Susan Shapiro who described her previous use of marijuana as “an extreme addiction.” Touching first on the subject of addictiveness, he states “most people who experiment with pot do not become dependent upon it. In truth, most users

A group leading the effort to bring medical marijuana legislation to Texas has promised that a bill will be filed by March 13, which is the deadline for filing legislation for the 2015 session. Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, a coalition of groups seeking to change marijuana laws in Texas,

Preliminary figures are in and on the Texas border alone, almost 875,000 pounds of marijuana was seized in 2014.

After a long year of busting one after the other of outdoor marijuana growing operations, its turning out to be a record year for cannabis seizures. Officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety seized more than 133,400 pounds of marijuana in the Houston area from 2010 to 2014 –

Texans are overwhelmingly disapproving of how Texas lost almost $1 billion in 2013. A combination of recent figures and polling data paints a political picture which strongly contrasts with the political opinions of Texans. It all comes down to one subject as well, marijuana laws. Local and state authorities in

Two states legalized marijuana in 2012.  It’s 2014 and so far, the sky has not fallen in Washington and Colorado.  But that’s not stopping oneDr. Todd Huffman, a pediatrician in Eugene, Oregon, from predicting all manner of danger in store for teenagers now that his state has legalized marijuana. “Let

A conservative estimate shows Texas raking in more then $166 million from legalizing marijuana. Across the board, the nation stands to make almost $3.1 billion.

In late November 2012, voters in Washington and Colorado passed ballot initiatives to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use. Coloradans were able to start purchasing recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, 2014. As for Washington, the state issued its first retail marijuana licenses about six months later, on July 7th. So