Legal Encounters

Harris County Justice of the Peace Hilary H. Green

A judge in Houston was suspended today by the Texas Supreme Court amid accusations that she sexted her bailiff, use the bailiff to buy drugs, hired prostitutes, and once consumed marijuana she seized from a defendant.

A fifth grade student brought Rice Krispies treats made with marijuana extract to his north Texas school.

After Maryam Roland, a public high school teacher in Ysleta, in El Paso, tested positive for marijuana use in 2015, the State Board for Educator Certification sought to suspend her license for two years. In her defense, Roland argued that because she’d smoked the pot during a vacation in Colorado,

A teenager suspected of smoking marijuana outside of a movie theater was told he could either do pushups or go to jail by an off-duty officer working security.

Bureaucracy has helped a Texas city strangle a marijuana advocacy organization’s event to the point of cancellation.

Deputy B.A. Collier Harris County Sheriff's Office

I was walking out of the Fry’s Electronics on the North Freeway in Harris County on a Friday afternoon when I noticed someone near my vehicle. I assumed it was some fans taking selfies. People often approach me and ask to take a photo or a selfie of the Houston

In 2013 a 17-year-old boy was shot dead by an off-duty officer at an apartment complex which stemmed from simple marijuana possession.

A mother who placed her toddler in a heated oven was found to be under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine, tested positive for marijuana, and possibly consumed K2. She also demonstrated erratic, sexualized behavior.

A marijuana transaction turned into an attempted robbery complete with a shooting at a restaurant in Waco earlier this month.

Deputies from Constable Rob Cook’s Office recovered seven-and-a-half-pounds of marijuana brownies after breaking-up a teen party in Katy on Friday night.

DFW NORML's wakeboard team boat "Hydro"

In 2015 five members of the DFW NORML wakeboard team were arrested for marijuana possession at the Red Bull Cliff Diving event after Texas Game Wardens stormed their boat.

Jonathan Davis – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen A high speed chase that started in Rockwall County and ended north of Waco is likely due to the suspect having marijuana in his possession.

All current drug cases being handled by the Waco Police Department are now under review after a flawed affidavit was found.

Two officers in a Texas border town, including the chief of police, were arrested in connection to theft of marijuana from an evidence locker.