Welcome to the new year! We’re officially in the new election cycle and DFW NORML is hitting the ground running hard at it. On January 20, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Texas legislators will be seeing their inboxes and phone lines blow up with a mass of emails

Colorado has released its rules for selling recreational marijuana and if you don’t live in the state, the quantity of your purchase is less than what it would be if you do live in the state, but that might not matter at all.

A 2013 bill that would have ended the federal government’s prohibition of marijuana is the most viewed legislation on the Congress.gov website — more popular than bills for jobs or for emergency unemployment compensation — but Congress has never voted on it. Read more

President Barack Obama granted clemency Thursday to 21 people including a Belton man who was sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine two decades ago. Billy Ray Wheelock was sentenced to life in prison and 10 years’ supervised release and was fined $3,000 on June 9,

If you’re not familiar with Tenaha, Texas, go back and read this The New Yorker piece from August detailing how police and prosecutors in the tiny East Texas town used civil forfeiture laws and a phantom suspicion of drugs to seize cars, cash, jewelry and anything else they could find

Coming on the heels of a poll showing 58% of Texans supporting marijuana legalization, a newly released poll shows that 79% of likely Texas voters oppose sending drug offenders to jail.

Today the Obama administration hosted the first-ever White House Conference on Drug Policy Reform. But don’t be confused: Although “drug policy reform” usually means moving away from the use of violence to stop people from consuming arbitrarily proscribed psychoactive substances, that is not what President Obama has in mind. “Drug

A drug court program that’s helped offenders in Bell County overcome their addictions will expand to include Lampasas County next year. Read more

Many Texas law enforcement personnel say that they will continue to arrest and jail minor pot offenders, despite the enactment of a new state law granting police the option of issuing a citation in lieu of making an arrest.

As the need to restructure the use of deputies increases in McLennan county, officials are looking at ending the DARE program. The Drug Awareness Resistance Education program has already released one of the deputies involved with the program due to budget issues this past summer along with another deputy. In

This Saturday, members from Dallas/Fort Worth NORML and the NORML Women’s Alliance hosted an educational legislative strategy session at Unity Church of Fort Worth. Our lobbyist training introduced local activists to the Texas legislative process and explained how to participate to help change laws. The next legislative session is in

Marijuana is moving on “greased tracks” toward legalization, according to the advocacy group that’s been riding the train for more than 40 years. The reason is a stark shift in public opinion, said Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. On Tuesday,

The City of Denver is proposing a new ordinance that if passed would imposed fines up to $999 and put people in jail for up to a year just for the smell of marijuana should someone next door or walking down the street happen to notice the odor. Read more

A bill gaining support in the US House of Representatives that would have federal agents respect state marijuana laws now has a co-sponsor from Texas. Rep. Steve Stockman, a Republican from Friendswood who was elected to office in 2012 for the newly created 36th District seat which Texas gained after