Letters to the Editor

Twenty-two. Each day, twenty-two veterans decide they cannot continue and commit suicide. That is almost one every single hour of every single day. That would be the equivalent of a city the size of Rockdale being wiped out in 8 months. In my mind, we should be up in arms

I know that cannabis and its various medical applications are becoming a booming industry in much of the country. In many states marijuana has been decriminalized, while in others, it is available for recreational use.

Gov. Greg Abbott, I visited your website and several things popped out at me. You have noble sights for the future of Texas and its residents and I applaud them, but I must share my concerns as a Texan, brain cancer survivor, and logician.

Letter to the editor concerning HB81, a bill to make possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a $250 fine.

If all drugs were treated like cannabis it would sound like this:

Every day in this country 22 veterans, both men and women, lose their battle.

I have a dream, that one day our legislators will hear the cries of the people and find it in their hearts to acknowledge the lies and deception at the core of the failed drug war. That they would make the choice to stand up and address the decades of

Recently the topic of cannabis legalization has become a regular discussion in these letters to the editor. One thing I have noticed, those writing in favor of changing cannabis laws in Texas generally use fact, logic, reason, and compassion to help make their argument. Those in opposition tend to rely

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was founded in the early 1970s to help combat the ever increasing “war on drugs” and further criminalization of regular every day citizens. They’ve kept this fight up since, doing their best to help educate the public and our government on

For many years now, we’ve been told the horrors of marijuana use. It was demonized nearly a century ago as an evil drug used by “colored” people and jazz entertainers.

Dear Mr. Breen, I’m writing in response to you going full prohibitionist in a recent letter to the Victoria Advocate. You may not know this, sir, but you’ve done those of us in the pro-cannabis camp a favor. It’s tough to find an opposing voice in this debate.