Sadly, the fight for marijuana reform will go on forever.

Many times, veterans do not have the same luxuries as others in choosing their medication, as they risk losing one if they take another.

A Spring woman says she was sexually assaulted by Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputies in a gas station parking lot earlier this summer. The woman says deputies sexually assaulted her because they claimed to smell marijuana.

Life in prison. Without possibility of parole. For a nonviolent marijuana offense. Let the reality of that sink in for a minute. No, this isn’t happening in some backwards, third world country. It is happening right here in the United States of America. Some marijuana lifers have been warehoused away

It began with the arrest of a teenage boy for possession of marijuana, and ended with him committing suicide at school. To protect the privacy of the family, names and locations will not be mentioned, what follows though is a tragic story about how a teenager’s life spiraled out of

While there are monetary incentives for police to keep the status quo, not all cops think marijuana prohibition is a good idea. There’s even an organized group of us who are fighting to end the drug war every day. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is an organization of criminal justice

Senator Troy Fraser won’t meet with me and I’m dying of Huntington’s Disease (HD). My sister was just diagnosed and my children have a 50% chance of inheriting my neurological disease. I live in District 24 and my senator won’t meet with me for a few minutes to discuss the

Paul Armentano took the time to tackle some anecdotal claims made by Susan Shapiro who described her previous use of marijuana as “an extreme addiction.” Touching first on the subject of addictiveness, he states “most people who experiment with pot do not become dependent upon it. In truth, most users

Two states legalized marijuana in 2012.  It’s 2014 and so far, the sky has not fallen in Washington and Colorado.  But that’s not stopping oneDr. Todd Huffman, a pediatrician in Eugene, Oregon, from predicting all manner of danger in store for teenagers now that his state has legalized marijuana. “Let

To see the video Alexis’ father made about her story, find it at the bottom of this article. Alexis is my eight year old daughter who has ‘generalized epilepsy’, which essentially is a diagnosis for seizures of unknown origin. Our story starts late one evening in July 2013 when my

Making history in Texas and doing it in style, Kevin Ludlow has been a candidate that many have watched in awe this year. Ludlow could very well be the first Libertarian ever elected to the Texas House of Representatives. He’s running a strong campaign, has more than 30 volunteers, is fundraising

Houston NORML has been around for nearly a quarter of a century, far longer than most other marijuana reform organizations. Located in the fourth largest U.S. city of over 2.1 million people, the potential for this non-profit group to play a lead role in helping to change marijuana laws in

Forget smuggling marijuana across the border, it’s being grown far and wide here in Texas.

In late November 2012, voters in Washington and Colorado passed ballot initiatives to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use. Coloradans were able to start purchasing recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, 2014. As for Washington, the state issued its first retail marijuana licenses about six months later, on July 7th. So