The NFL finally has it right. With the league’s latest recommendations to reduce penalties for marijuana, due in large part to players such as Josh Gordon being suspended for an entire season, it’s time to give major props to the NFL.

Parents often wonder how they can steer their kids clear of drugs. Talking about tobacco causing cancer and alcohol causing severe damage to the body and death in some cases is simple enough. When it comes to cannabis though, parents are having to rethink their strategies.

It is no secret that marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington ushered in internationally unprecedented progressive drug policy in the United States. What is lesser understood, however, is that these new “experimental” reforms do not necessarily peel back all of the many, punitive layers of drug war enforcement. Despite the

There are many things that bother Jon Cooper about the market for marijuana. “It’s nearly impossible to find a consistent product,” said Cooper, one of the legion of tech start-up guys and M.B.A.s plunging into the world of pot. “You go into a dispensary and buy something called ‘Sour Diesel’

Fight or flight is an automatic response to threats of survival. When a threat is perceived, the human nervous system kicks into overdrive, allowing the adrenal cortex to release endorphins and stress hormones. We all have a level of familiarity with this automatic response, as it is natural. Activists for

Austin, Texas officials say that synthetic smokable drugs often mislabeled as “synthetic marijuana” by the media are to blame for at least 15 calls for physically violent and unconscious individuals Wednesday evening. Many people turn to this crap, popularly called “Spice” or “K2”, as an alternative to smoking marijuana because

As more states legalize the use of medical marijuana, the stigma of this so-called “gateway drug” diminishes and the more it becomes socially acceptable. Last weekend on April 20th, pot smokers enjoyed 420, a day where marijuana smokers celebrate the consumption of cannabis. You can bet a good number of

In the fall of 2013, an Iowa man named Benton Mackenzie had a run-in with the police. He was arrested and jailed for 42 days, and police also charged his wife, son, and a family friend. His father, an army veteran, and his mother, who has been in the same

After three months of legal pot, Denver has not turned into an urban wasteland. In fact, as Vox reports, crime in the first quarter of 2014 is down across the board from the first two months of 2013. Yes, it’s still early. But so far, the numbers don’t suggest that

Back in February DFW NORML held a lobbyist training event in order to help equip activists with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to lobby their representatives. At that meeting, a reporter with D Magazine was in attendance, and he was totally caught off guard.

This is not easy to write about. First off, I’m worried that readers are going to question my parenting and that I should prepare myself for a visit from Child Protection Services. Secondly, there is my family, some of whom know me very well and others who might find this

Texas is a fairly free place to be. Much of the rules and regulations which people experience in other states don’t exist here. A friend who recently visited from New York even remarked as much. When it comes to cannabis though, freedom just doesn’t exist in the Lone Star State.

From a congress who barely breaks a single digit approval rating, a bill has been passed with the help of most Texas representatives, which gives congress the power to sue the president for not enforcing federal marijuana laws, even as a solid majority of Americans want to see the plant

A constant recurring question asked is, “when will Texas legalize marijuana?” It’s the number one search engine query for Texas Cannabis Report, and many wonder not just when it will happen, but if it will happen this year. Very few ask now IF it will happen. It is only a