SB 269, which greatly expands the Texas medical marijuana program passed during the 2015 legislative session, still has some shortcomings. Three points with this bill which must be addressed include home grow, the process for deciding which medical conditions qualify a patient, and the department which would oversee the medical

Washington state has had medical marijuana for nearly two decades, but by and large it was not very noticeable. Now cannabis is legal and very much out in the open.

When you think of the word community, what does it mean to you? Do images of folks helping folks during a time of crisis or disaster come to mind? What about a big picnic where everyone contributes something to the meal to share with others? Or how about a gathering

Being a marijuana activist in Texas is frustrating work.

By: Martin “Marty” K. Jeane PhD, LPC-S, LMFT How do we prevent underage use of cannabis?

It’s not uncommon for someone to eat pot edibles and have a bad trip. The first time I tried them, the experience ended with me believing that I was dying.