An amendment recently passed by the U.S. House aimed at restricting interference by federal agents in state medical marijuana programs got very little support from Texas representatives. What may be surprising to Texans is that of their 36 representatives in congress, only one co-sponsored the bill, a Republican. While some

After a long debate and vote process that had the US House of Representatives in session until after midnight, the lower chamber of Congress cast a historic 219 to 189 vote to restrict the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from using taxpayer funds to interfere in state-sanctioned

Today, the House is set to vote on at least four amendments checking the DEA’s power and cutting its budget.

Preliminary reports show that Democratic candidate Jim Hogan has secured enough votes to win the nomination for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, sliding into a spot many thought would go to Kinky Friedman.

Icons Willie Nelson and Kinky Friedman recently conducted a Texas Herbal Radio Network tour live from Willie’s bus, chatting about a passionate topic for the two Texans – Pot. The legalization of marijuana, the cultivation of hemp, and the potential benefits to Texas’ small farmers were the main topics of

The Drug Enforcement Agency is permitting Kentucky farmers to go forward with plans to engage in the state-sponsored cultivation of industrial hemp. According to the Associated Press, representatives from the federal anti-drug agency late Thursday granted Kentucky regulators permission to import an estimated 250 pounds of hemp seeds. The agency

Currently, the FBI has strict guidelines concerning marijuana use, but according to its director, this is harming its ability to hire quality hackers.

Texas State Rep. Elliott Naishtat hopes the seventh time will be a charm. He’s tried in at least six previous legislative sessions to get a bill through the legislature that would allow the use of medical marijuana. Naishtat said he’s not trying to legalize pot or even legalize medical marijuana.

An idea on a school superintendent candidate’s platform is causing a bit of a stir in South Carolina. Democratic education superintendent candidate Sheila Gallagher wants to legalize marijuana to help fund education. She is calling for more “green” for schools by legalizing “green” in south Carolina. The candidate says, It

With early voting underway for the special election regarding the vacant Texas Senate District 4 seat, yourhoustonnews.com was able to inquire about the candidates’ stances on the legalization of marijuana in the Lone Star State.

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens recently came out in support of legalizing marijuana.

Some grassroots political activists say campaign cash from pharmaceutical companies swayed two state lawmakers responsible for killing the medical marijuana bill. Channel Two’s Lori Geary has been poring over the campaign disclosures and reached out to the two lawmakers, who vehemently deny the accusation. “Money is behind everything in politics,”

President Barack Obama has shortened a Texas man’s prison sentence by three-and-a-half years after attorneys discovered a sentencing error.

This past weekend the Libertarian Party of Texas held their state convention to nominate state-wide candidates. Staff with the Texas Cannabis Report was on hand to not only cover, but also participate in the convention itself. Support for cannabis legalization has always been strong in the Libertarian Party and this