A rally in Fort Worth for medical marijuana dubbed the Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally drew about 500 attendees according DFW NORML, the non-profit organization which put on the event. Held at Trinity Park, several patients, veterans, and activists spoke about their personal experiences and the need for a medical marijuana

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle has been arrested for possession of marijuana. Police were called in Wichita, KA. to investigate a call about domestic violence with a weapon. When they arrived at the hotel room Randle was renting, they observed an undisclosed amount of marijuana.

Medical marijuana may very well be coming to Texas this year due to the efforts of a coalition of groups. There’s a lot of questions surrounding what the medical cannabis program being pushed will allow, and what won’t be allowed. Texas Cannabis Report sat down with Heather Fazio who is

Three grandmothers in Washington are smoking cannabis for the first time in their lives. “No I’ve never smoked marijuana, I was too busy raising children.” “I was a suburban housewife, and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails, and we were happy Watch the three minute clip below of them

Around 45 people turned out to protest in front of Rep. Scott Turner’s office in Frisco on Friday afternoon in support of legalizing medical marijuana.

The Baker Institute in Houston recently held a forum on medical marijuana and invited a lineup of speakers featuring an experienced legal grower and dispensary operator from New Mexico, a physician, a Baker Institute drug policy expert, a veteran Texas legislator, and current user and non-user advocates and activists. Watch

To see the video Alexis’ father made about her story, find it at the bottom of this article. Alexis is my eight year old daughter who has ‘generalized epilepsy’, which essentially is a diagnosis for seizures of unknown origin. Our story starts late one evening in July 2013 when my

AUSTIN, TX, October 5, 2014: Texas State House of Representatives candidate Kevin Ludlow was physically detained in his home last Wednesday by Austin police for suspicion of marijuana. APD was called to the scene when a person dialed 911 to report a suspicious person inside the home. The person in

The seventh episode of Texas Cannabis Report podcast is now available on YouTube and features marijuana news out of Houston, including an activist who says she was profiled and arrested, pro-marijuana reform candidates in Texas such as Kevin Ludlow and Kerry McKennon, as well as an interview with John Tunmire,

Texas Cannabis Report correspondent Allison Nash recently spoke with Kory Watkins about medical marijuana patients losing their Second Amendment rights due to federal cannabis restrictions. Watkins in the director of Open Carry Tarrant County, a group which carries rifles and black power pistols openly in public to bring awareness to

Houston NORML hosted an event on Thursday which featured speakers and a panel discussion from several political backgrounds, which was all broadcast on public access television. The groups involved included Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Houston Young Republicans (HYR), Harris County Young Democrats (HCYD), and the Harris County Libertarian Party (HCLP).

Reports are confirming that actor Robin Williams has died at the age of 63. Williams was a proponent of marijuana legalization and made references to it during his stand-up.

A marijuana seed company based in Canada has launched a commercial promoting its product, while at the same time taking a hard dig at the alcohol industry.

For many military veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, their only relief comes from a drug which is illegal in Texas, marijuana. William Martin, director of the Drug Policy Program at the Baker Institute, explores whether or not cannabis can help veterans with PTSD and if the non-toxic plant should be