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Comedian Donnell Rawlings talks marijuana with DFW NORML

Actor and comedian Donnell Rawlings sat down with DFW NORML to discuss marijuana and its effects on him throughout his career. Best known for his roles in Chappelle’s Show and The Wire, Mr. Rawlings has entertained people around the world and says that cannabis has given an overall positive contribution to his creativity and mood (as well as his back pain). In this sit down that took place at the Addison Improv Comedy Club, you can see that there is a definite affection for cannabis and his history with the plant.

When public figures take time to sit and talk with DFW NORML about marijuana policy reform it reinforces the minds of viewers to the fact that respected, successful people can stand for this cause without fear of unknown repercussions. It is the fact that we are exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press to make our voices heard regarding the prohibition of marijuana that is important. Thank you to Mr. Donnell Rawlings for taking the time and joining us in a conversation about reform… and for making us laugh our asses off!

Herb’s the Word.

By: Will Jenkins

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