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Corrigan traffic stop leads to 1.2 grams of marijuana and body supplements

Chase Wiatt (Source: Polk County Jail)
Chase Wiatt (Source: Polk County Jail)

A North Texas man was arrested after police allegedly found marijuana and body supplements in his car.

Corrigan Police Chief Darrell Gibson said 23 year-old Chase Wiatt, of Roanoke, is being charged with two felony possession of a controlled substance charges.

Police say he was driving with a busted taillight and after he was pulled over became nervous.

The officer then says Wiatt told him that he had been smoking marijuana with a friend earlier. A drug dog alerted on the vehicle.

After a search, 1.2 grams of marijuana was found in the glove box.


“Hernandez also found syringes in the trunk,” Gibson said. “Wiatt told our officer that he used them when he was working out.”

Gibson said Hernandez also found four unmarked bottles with yellow liquid.

“Wiatt told us that two had testosterone in them and the other two were Trenbolone.”

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