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Dallas and Tarrant County Cannabis Voter Guide


Historically, only 6-8% of voters participate in the Texas primary elections. The primary elections determine who will represent the Democratic and Republican parties when they face off in the November 4 general elections. By voting in the primaries, you have enormous influence over who will be chosen to represent your interests in the next legislative session in 2015. Libertarian names have also been included, though they are voted upon at the Libertarian State Convention.

DFW NORML volunteers contacted each of the Republican and Democratic primary candidates in Tarrant and Dallas Counties, and asked their stance on marijuana legalization. We asked how candidates felt about medical marijuana, decriminalization, full legalization, and industrial hemp.

These results were based on our in person and email contacts to each candidate’s campaign. Sometimes, our information was drawn from recent public statements made by the candidate. As you can see, many did not respond to our requests for information, or simply declined to answer.

Take this guide to the polls with you on March 4 when you vote in the primary elections. There are many opportunities for your vote to have a massive impact on policy. For instance, there are four candidates for U.S. Senator on our list. Our U.S. Senator represents Texas’s interests in Washington. There are three candidates for Texas Governor on our list. Our Governor has the power to pass or veto a bill that has been passed in the state House and Senate, so electing a Governor who is pro-reform is essential to legalizing marijuana in Texas.

DFW NORML is not endorsing any candidate; we simply asked Texas primary candidates how they feel about marijuana legalization, and this guide displays the views of those politicians who answered our inquiry. We do not want to tell you who to vote for, or even to vote for a candidate just because they may support marijuana law reform. Remember, each of these candidates has a larger political message, and we encourage you to research each individual so that you may be fully informed, and to make sure you vote for someone who really represents what you believe in.

DFW NORML is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to changing marijuana laws in Texas. We support legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, for responsible adult use, and for industrialized hemp. We are currently lobbying elected officials in preparation for the 2015 legislative session by contributing $500 per month to a Coalition with Marijuana Policy Project, Texas NORML and other drug policy groups around the state.

To make a monthly financial contribution to our efforts to end marijuana prohibition in Texas, please click here: http://www.dfwnorml.org/lobby/. Thank you for supporting the cause! Herb’s the word.

View the voter guide in PDF format here.

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  1. Correy
    March 8, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    I belive marijuana legalization is something very good I mean think about it its a special plant and not dangerous like man made drugs are.

  2. […] I am not lobbying for, nor encouraging anyone to vote for any particular representative, but for those who want to know where their candidate stands. Knowledge is power, stay informed!! For more info on this issue check out: http://txcann.com/2014/03/03/dallas-and-tarrant-county-cannabis-voter-guide/ […]

  3. james white
    July 27, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    Please legalize the use of medical and recreational cannabis in our state there are no potential harms caused by this herb. My grandmotjer had stage four cancer went from 185lb to 95 during radiation treatment after using thc oil she regained a good majority of her weight and was regaining strength. I have chronic back pains recieved while active militart and many friends with ptsd that it would help tremendously. Its very mind calming, soothing, and literally makes you hungry.

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