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Dallas Could Have Stopped Jailing People For Marijuana Possession in 2007, But It Hasn’t

Some day, in the very far distant future, Texas may take a cue from Colorado and legalize marijuana. For now, it’s taking some very hesitant first steps toward decriminalization, such as a proposal last legislative session reduce possession of an ounce or less of weed from a class B to a class C misdemeanor — basically a traffic ticket.

But police and prosecutors already have an option for keeping low-level marijuana offenders out of jail. In 2007, the Texas Legislature passed a law allowing police to implement a “cite and release” policy for marijuana possession and a handful of other class A and B misdemeanors like graffiti and driving without a license. Read more

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  1. May 15, 2014 at 12:03 am

    Please note that the cite and release option prevents you from going to jail that night, you would still face the same charges and depending on the outcome, jail could still be a part of your sentence. The purpose of the law passed in 2007 was to keep law enforcement on the roads rather than spending a few hours booking low level offenders.